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The Basics of Ayn Rand's Philosophy: Introducing my "Introduction to Objectivism" Page

Hot off the digital press is my “Introduction to Objectivism” page. It conveys the basics of Ayn Rand‘s philosophy in an overview summary. It also explains some of the benefits of learning about her philosophy–called Objectivism–a little about the nature of moral and philosophical principles, and a little about how this rational philosophy fits in with modern science. 101 more words

Ayn Rand

My immorality

To see oursels as ithers see us…

I fear that your lawyer’s mind is far too supple and devious for me to cope with; it is, indeed, beyond my ken… 452 more words


We don’t need no (moral) education? Five things you should learn about ethics

Patrick Stokes, Deakin University

The human animal takes a remarkably long time to reach maturity. And we cram a lot of learning into that time, as well we should: the list of things we need to know by the time we hit adulthood in order to thrive – personally, economically, socially, politically – is enormous. 1,043 more words



To accompany the newly-published paperback edition of The Quest for a Moral Compass,  I am publishing a series of extracts from the book. Previous extracts were on Joshua Greene’s idea of… 2,669 more words

History Of Moral Thought

Dos Passos and Moral Chaos

“The mind cannot support moral chaos for long. Men are under as strong a compulsion to invent an ethical setting for their behavior as spiders are to weave webs.”-John Dos Passos


born this way

Are we born evil? I realize this isn’t something the secular community spends much time concerned about, with inherent evil more a concern of the religious, but I am curious what this crowd thinks of that question, and how they back it up.


People do not Have a Moral Instinct

But they do have a conformist instinct – they want to be like everyone else. This is what has made them such a successful species – they are great imitators. 331 more words