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Franklin Graham: America’s Morality is Crumbling Thanks in Part to Obama’s Abortion Extremism

“On Facebook he wrote, “Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has taken a lot of heat from the media for his remark that he’s not sure if President Obama really loves America. 53 more words


Pastor, You Were Wrong!

I have something rather interesting to confess. There was a prophecy spoken over me when I was young and naïve enough to believe it. This is now one of my biggest qualms about Charismatic Christianity in America. 348 more words


"What Scares the Atheists"

John Gray writes a lengthy and worthwhile piece on the New Atheism’s difficulty with the growing spread of religion.  He calls them “missionary atheists” and points out that they want to proselytize converts every bit as much as missionary Christians. 133 more words

I have written quite a number of letters...

I have written quite a number of letters to editor in our local newspaper (Decatur and Mattoon, IL) through the years. I have been somewhat of a broken record, but this is by design on my part. 379 more words


Value claims are like any other claims: either true or false, evidenced or not.

Facts are things that are true. Opinions are things we believe. Some of our beliefs are true. Others are not. Some of our beliefs are backed by evidence.

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Moral Opinions and Facts - A Religious Philosopher's Presuppositions

This opinion piece (irony) by By Justin P. McBrayer, Why Our Children Don’t Think There Are Moral Facts, is full of McBrayer’s disappointment that the education system in the US isn’t instructing students in the existence of… 4,005 more words

A Holistic Approach to Ending Adolescent AIDs ...

According to the promoters of the All In #EndAdolescentAIDS campaign, the number one killer of adolescents in Africa is AIDs. Is this conclusion correct and does it warrant ‘comprehensive sexuality education’ for and wanton distribution of condoms to adolescents?  601 more words

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