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She moves like winter

With kisses that burn as an open flame

And eyes like untempered strips of lighting.

She pauses to adjust the strap… 105 more words


Fact or Fiction?

Is honesty the best policy? Yes.

But is it, really? Well it is, supposedly…BUT IS IT?!

It’s an age-old question that to this day may not be answered; I’m certainly not about to answer it, I’d never take on that responsibility, but I can definitely ponder at it to my heart’s content. 1,369 more words


A Movie for People Who Are Not Idiots

Are you tired of movies with dialogue like “Yeeeowp!” and “Aaaaagh!”? Are you tired of movies focused on bodies flying through the air, improbable people having sex, and protagonists who act like they’re about 12 years old and need a way-overdue trip to the woodshed? 401 more words

Movie Reviews

What constitutes a soul?

At Shepherd Project we are always looking out for trending issues in our culture that have connections to matters of faith. The other day at the movies, I saw two back-to-back previews of completely… 268 more words


Christian Marclay at The White Cube and The Nether at The Duke of York

Christian Marclay


I visited the Christian Marclay exhibition at The White Cube with my husband, daughter and ten-year old granddaughter, who was a remarkably sophisticated commentator. 731 more words


Terrifying moral dilemmas

A regular interlocutor and occasional sparring partner over at MercatorNet asked for my opinion as an ethicist on a difficult moral dilemma: should couples who are, or suspect they are, genetically predisposed to terminal illness or other serious disease avoid having children? 524 more words


Who are we?

The relationship between what we are and what we do:

What we are should be defined through our actions. We are our beliefs, feelings, emotions, thoughts and morals. 364 more words

Social Psychology