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Little Say In Our Future?

Funded by the Volkswagen  and commissioned by the Club of Rome, a 1972 a report called ‘The Limits to Growth’ was presented to the St. 608 more words


New York Times on Famine Irish in Montreal

 “Saving the Famine Irish: the Grey Nuns and the Great Hunger.” April 1 2015 through March 18 2016. Mondays through Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Sundays, noon to 5 p.m. 8 more words


Walking downtown Montreal, you do find signs bringing back memories of opponents, political in this case…René-Lévesque, former Quebec prime minister, who had lost the first referendum in 1980, and Robert Bourassa, another Prime Minister, his opponent of the Liberal party, actually they did not face each other often directly, They were not their respective parties leader at same time, Bourassa had lost to the PQ in 1976, and came back later in 1985, René Lévesque had then left politic, both are gone now but they are still facing each other..as street names signs… 165 more words


MLB commissioner Rob Manfred says if Montreal wants baseball back, the city needs a new stadium

MONTREAL — Major League Baseball’s new commissioner Rob Manfred is clear on what Montreal needs to bring baseball back: the city needs a new stadium. 525 more words


City hid added cost of suspending city contracts at Pierrefonds water-treatment plant

A decision by Montreal civil servants to suspend $12 million in renovation work at a municipal water-filtration plant in Pierrefonds that went nearly unnoticed is resulting in at least $500,000 in contract penalties for the city. 778 more words

Local News

Sam I Am Montolla's "Show Ya Light" Video Launch///RnB Jam At Luwan

This Friday we are doing it big! We are SHOWING OUR LIGHT with the Premiere of “Show Ya Light” by yours truly. Come and also enjoy the sounds of Sweet La Rock and Lady Oracle and Hosted By Leah McFly. 38 more words


Letters: Student protesters are inspiring, but they should provide itineraries

Students have a right to voice their opinion, a right to choose to stage a protest in Montreal or Quebec City in order to maximize news media impact. 495 more words