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Months and Seasons in Japanese

Months are really very simple in Japanese. All you need to know are Japanese numbers from 1-12 and the word がつ (gatsu – 月 in Kanji). 96 more words


When Nothing Seems To Be Working

So it s been over 18 months since I began regularly having flashbacks and actively dissociating. The problem is that I ve been in therapy, on and off meds etc for over a year now, but nothing seems to ground me. 66 more words


March has not been the perfect month for me with all the craziness going around.

The hot weather, getting stuck on the elevator, failing the in-class writing, not finishing work (BYE laziness! 44 more words


Highlights from March

The third month of the year – to look back over the last three months, means looking back over 90 days … That is an amazing 90 blogs, 90 photo experiments and learning experiences. 376 more words


March in Egerton Gardens, Brompton, London, UK

London, UK, images, northern hemisphere, climate, weather, seasons, early spring, flora and fauna, March, flowers, bulbs, blooms, daffodils; March in Egerton Gardens, area: Brompton; Egerton Gardens, Egerton Crescent, Egerton Terrace, Egerton Place, Yeoman’s Row, Covington Gardens, Covington Square, Beauchamp Place, Empire House, Alexander Square, Thurloe Close, Brompton Road, Cromwell Road; nearest Underground Station: South Kensington 8 more words


Tired Of Tired

I was notified the other day that, after three months or so of not working, I ll be working this weekend to cover some coworkers. Its like the anxiety almost went into hibernation because of how good I was at avoiding stressors. 63 more words