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Is Constantly Breaking Up Normal? What Should I Do?

My fiance of 6 months is an Iraqi vet. 100% disabled ptsd. We are so similar and get along amazingly. Not a day goes by we don t make each other happy at least once but sometimes we go through periods where he gets so angry with me about everything and distant and mean and basically one foot out of the door. 55 more words

Hi All!

I ve been going through EMDR therapy for about 4 months. I ve lived all my life feeling disconnected from peers and the world. Not cut off from the world, as I have a very active lifestyle, but mostly feeling that I don t belong anywhere. 61 more words

Calendar reform

I’ve wanted to reform the calendar for a long time. We need a better epoch than Jesus’s birth. For one, we know it had to have been before 4 BC if the Herod stuff happened, since that’s when he died. 157 more words


Roman times...

Walking with my daughter to school, one of our pleasures is spotting and naming new plants. ‘This is lavender, Mummy — it smells of lavender, and it’s minty!’ Yes… 100 more words


"Some days are simply meant for playing" -Mary Anne Radmacher

Library Group

Easter Bunny!

She loves her dolly

Playtime with Mama

Bath time!

Practice walking!

All smiles!

Helping Daddy order


Out for a walk… 39 more words

Day To Day

4 Months And The Mirror

Do you know it’s been four months since I confessed to anything?

Not that I had nothing to confess to, believe you me, there was a lot of stuff going down…none of it however, was my weight, girth or dress size. 181 more words

Starting Again

two years later

two years ago on this day, i saw a boy

he made me feel this type of way and i knew i would never be the same… 16 more words