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The Selfish Mind

I would just like to point something out. Today as I was getting on the bus, I guiltily noticed, for the first time, that a disabled man was trying to get on the public bus and most of the other students were being ignorant and terrible people because they wouldn’t make space for him. 179 more words


Did Therapy Make You Feel Worse Before Better?

I m in my first few months of therapy, and I have an amazing therapist. But honestly I feel worse now. I ve heard a few times that it will get worse at first. 11 more words

Worrying About What Old T Told New T

A couple of months ago my old T dropped me but set me up with a new T to see. She wanted to make sure the new T she set me up with would be a good fit for me. 89 more words

Is It Possible To Have Ptsd From Being Cheated On?

My fiance cheated on me 3 years ago over the course of 8 months and since then I feel like my whole life just got turned upside down. 85 more words

Is it just my school?

Is it just my school or are other teenagers seriously prejudiced and narrow-minded everywhere?

They are so glued to using labels and just because I used to wear black, I am now labeled as an Emo. 225 more words


I Think the Universe Hates Me...

Okay. What have I done to deserve the past 78 hours of pain? All I’ve done is injure myself hour after hour. For example: I went camping and (okay, silly idea) was trying to jump around in my sleeping bag in The Van (basically just a van that we own that has a pop up roof tent) and fell over. 182 more words


Needing Something....

I went through something big just recently. So big that my GP gave me a few months (and offered to extend it to 12months) off work to emotionally deal with it (and I have no PTSD or other diagnosis). 66 more words