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Greenwood Dental Office Gives Discount and More with Six Month Smiles

Traditional braces can straighten misaligned teeth, but you’d have to endure one to two years of wearing them before they work their magic. Prominent, old-fashioned metal braces can also make you look a little goofy. 85 more words


I love the support group I started going to a month ago. It is for childhood sexual abuse survivors, and I think it s exactly what I needed right now. 76 more words

It's Been A Month and These Are What I Accomplished :

30 straight days of blogging. A huge milestone for my blog.

I am not bragging or anything because duh, this is quite small for you. You’ve been here a long time unless we joined WordPress at the same time. 95 more words


(June 2015) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition

Hi WordPress people! This is my 10 Happy Things (Monthly Edition). This will be one of my regular blog topic every month. Enjoy Reading it! If you want, you can make one too for positive motivation.. 563 more words

Infinite Thoughts

App of the Month: Pinterest

Yes, I know. Pinterest isn’t anything new. However, my love for it hasn’t dwindled because of that. If you don’t have a pinterest account and you happen to have interests, then GET ONE. 237 more words

App Of The Month

Game of the Month: June

Did I ever say the game of the month has to be a new game? I’d have to look back at my game of the month blogs, but I don’t think I did ( nice to make my own rules here😆). 535 more words

About Games

My first

Hello! What should I talk about? I’m running out of topics! Suggestions? Please comment below for any suggestions. Wonder why I chose my blog title to be “Life of a Student”? 574 more words