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Elizabeth's 12 Month Update

Forgive me while I shed a tear.

I’m not normally a sentimental girl. My husband is more likely to save every card he’s ever received, and all of his report cards from school. 271 more words


Elizabeth's 11 Month Update

Well, my sweet little girl is already 11 months! This time last year, I was waddling around the house. The nursery was pretty much set, I had washed all her clothes, and I was just trying to rest. 805 more words


Elizabeth's 10 Month Update

Well, I’m just shocked.  How did we get to 10 months already?  I’m already envisioning her as a 6 year old, tearing around the house. 590 more words


Hey Hey! It's Friday!

TGIF!  I hope you had a FAB week!

Here’s what I was up to the last few days:

1. Over the 4th weekend, we decided to go for a hike at a mountain.   243 more words

It's Friday

Elizabeth's 9 Month Update!

Elizabeth is 9 months (well technically on Friday… but who cares)!  That’s a milestone :) For kicks, here is the little Bean at 1, 3, 6 and 9 months! 569 more words


Elizabeth's 8 Month Update!

Elizabeth is 8 months!  Another month down… can’t believe it.  Here’s what she’s been up to for the last month!

Height/Weight | As of her last doctor’s appointment a few weeks ago, she’s cruised over the 15 lb mark (19%). 629 more words


Elizabeth's 7 Month Update!

Elizabeth is 7 months!  Holy schmoly.  Where has the time gone?  Does it always zoom this fast?  I swear, tomorrow she’s pulling out of the driveway to go to college. 686 more words