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Star Trails and Northern Lights...

Last night’s buzz was that there was a pretty good possibility of seeing northern lights, which is something I’ve been wanting to try to shoot for a while now.   55 more words

Agrarian Life

Top Reasons to Vacation in Tropical Montana

You’ve got to love that teachers’ now get a week of vacation in February. With last week’s temperatures in Saskatchewan being around the -30 mark no excuse was needed to get the hell out of dodge. 525 more words

Before We Start Sweating

21 Shades of Purple: Baller Edition (& bonus: a hockey game)

After weeks of asking, Haden finally delivered a blog post he could get into. He’s recently watched lacrosse, soccer, monster truck derby, dirt bike racing, sidecar racing, hockey and basketball, mostly college, not NBA really, he told me. 1,148 more words

don't turn blind eyes to deceit,lie and betrayal

thank you for reading our story and share yours,always.

we are sharing story with many evidence but we will not show video and explicit pictures in this website. 328 more words

David Devlin In Bozeman Is A Cheater

The Implications of Conflating Conspiracy Theory with Mental Illness

by William Skink

David Joseph Lenio has become the face of tragedy averted. Thanks to social media vigilante Jonathan Hutson, Lenio’s online escalation was identified and documented in a manner that allowed authorities to intervene before any violence occurred. 1,618 more words


Deputy Dog Tayla Shares a Story of Rescue and Ultimate Love

In the fall of 2013 I was off on yet another road trip – one that will always be remembered in our pack’s travel lore. I was ready. 2,236 more words

On The Trail