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Monster Unleaded: A Review

Four score and… Well, no, I’m not that old. One score? Still too young for that in this context. Whatever. Starting over. 499 more words


Pumpkin Man: Cyborg Pumpkin page 8

I’m sorry, but this had to happen. In all sincerity, this is not just a story about pumpkins. This is also a story about blood. 49 more words



The monsters underneath my bed,

Are nothing I should fear,

The monsters deep within my head,

Are with me, always near.

Menalippe's Bestiary - The Medusa

The medusa is a particularly loathed and feared creature. There are two types, the common medusa, which appears at a distance to be a normal human woman, and the greater medusa who has the lower torso of a serpent. 848 more words


Tusk (2014)

Score: 1/10

Length: 102

Language: English

Categories: 2000s, recent, Painful Movie Mondays, murderer, monster

I’m usually pretty chill with my reviews, but I FUCKING HATED THIS MOVIE. 152 more words


Busy Bee

Honestly I never knew college would be this hectic! I have never done so much work in my life, and I haven’t even declared a major yet! 104 more words