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What You're Eating Could Be Killing You!

Right now in America there is legislation aimed at keeping YOU the consumer in the DARK about what’s really in our food and those who dare to challenge major food manufacturers are coming under fire. 523 more words


Fool Me Twice...

I understand everyone changes their opinions/stances as they mature, learn from mistakes, etc. But when it comes to politicians (if we are even to believe one’s truly changed their stance & isn’t only attempting to broaden their base), how many bad 1st decisions to be accepted while still seeing the candidate as a legitimate choice? 185 more words


Monsanto & Seed Patent Laws

John Stewart looks at how Monsanto has built there business, enjoy.


In another short clip, this video asks another important question about seeds, GMO’s, and government laws. 66 more words

Roundup and Roundup Resistance (Part 1 of 3)

Since their debut in 1996, Roundup Ready crops have been eagerly adopted by farmers around the nation. Today, about 90% of the United States’ soybeans and 70% of its corn is Roundup ready. 422 more words

Environmental Degredation

Why I keep writing about Monsanto vs. Maui | by Jon Rappoport

First, an important development in the case I’ve just become aware of. There has been virtually no discovery process.

Meaning: The people of Maui want to know specific details of Monsanto’s years of experiments with unapproved pesticides and GMOs in their county.

67 more words
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