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My Sister

This is my last (developed) image from the first batch, and I am proud of it. The only one that came out amazing. My sister and a cat in the Faculty of Arts yard.


My Love

Blurry and overexposed, taken in the evening by artificial light, but it exists: this is a picture of my boyfriend.



Me in my bedroom. The image is severely overexposed, and that is because I let the shutter open for full two seconds. As the camera hadn’t been used for about twenty years (I’m not joking), I wanted to make sure, … 7 more words

First Touch

My Sleeping Place

This is a blurry image of the most important part of my bedroom. It is the lightest room in my flat and it felt natural to go take pictures there as a part of my initial experimenting.

First Touch

Monochrome Madness 2-4 - Monochrome Mayhem

This is a scheduled post because I won’t be around today, but I didn’t want to miss this week’s Monochrome “M”.   The challenge was to take a photo of something to do with the letter “M”, so I chose Monochrome Mayhem.   87 more words


The First Ever

This is the first ever picture I’ve taken with my Flexaret. This is me, using a cable release.