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Bad-back sufferers have chimpanzee vertebrae, study finds

If you’re constantly suffering from back pain, then you’ve got a kindred spirit in hairy tree-swinging primates.

That’s according to a new study, which suggested that those who suffer from back pain may have vertebrae similar to those of chimpanzees. 277 more words


Survivor Village

Yes, I’m late updating my travels so let’s blame it on limited wifi and a tad of procrastination. After several hours (6 or 7) of riding from Bangkok to a rural village outside of Amnot Chareon. 483 more words

Planet of the apes*

The Miocene (23 – 5 million years ago) is a period of extraordinary success for our closest relatives, the apes. Overall there may have been as many as a hundred ape species during the epoch. 276 more words

Beautiful Mauritian Wildlife - Large Bats & Naughty Monkeys!

During our trip to Mauritius we found that it was diverse in so many different ways, culture, people, climate & landscape. The array of different wildlife was amazing and we managed to capture many images. 75 more words

The Story of a Smiling Poo

I love emojis, whoever created them has changed the way we communicate forever. No longer is there a need for words when sentences can be constructed through a few simple little images on your screen. 351 more words