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Glad You Came

It was almost an hour of waiting for Pretty Boy. He’d called to say that he got held up. When we met up finally, he apologized for making me wait. 303 more words


The One Where Chandler Breaks the Bro Code

Hey cool kids/”Friends” lovers/pop culture fiends/all you other lovely humans!

With the way these episodes are turning out, I feel like I’m going to write another sadness-stained open letter to someone every week. 574 more words


F.R.I.E.N.D.S Characters on Instagram

What would it be like if Instagram was developed 20 years earlier? And by 20 years, I mean the same time F.R.I.E.N.D.S started airing? Have you ever imagine what would be Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe or Joey’s feed look like? 637 more words


Lecciones de estilo de Monica Geller (3)

Lección 1. Las joyas por encima del jersey de cuello vuelto.

Lección 2. Super conjuntada. No se ven sus zapatos, pero me apuesto el cuello a que son rojos y negros. 72 more words


The One Where Rachel Finds Out, and then Ross Finds Out

On this weeks installment of PopSyd watches Friends, I LOSE. MY. MIND. over Rachel and Ross finally kissing.

But before we get to that… 781 more words


The One Where I Watch Friends For the First Time

Week one, done! Fifteen episodes down, only 221 to go… woo!

I’ll be honest: I thought the first five episodes were slow. Slower than a Starbucks during rush hour. 660 more words


the one with the movie challenge

“Hey Phoebs, what’s happening?” -Richard Burke

“Oh, ok, murder, cancer, soccer teams eating each other in the Andes.” – Phoebe Buffay

“So you watched the movies, huh?” – Monica Geller… 461 more words