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The One if F.R.I.E.N.D.S. had Social Media

So I was just passing time scrolling through one of my favourite websites BuzzFeed. That website/app just makes me laugh. If you’re not on board with it already, DO IT NOW!!! 115 more words


Favorite Scenes and Quotes - A to Z 2015 - J - Joey

When I came to this one I thought wow, I could do a whole month simply on Joeyisms, or Joey’s explanations of life. Maybe I will try that next year as a different theme. 162 more words


I am Monica Geller

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To be honest, Phoebe Buffay is ranked as my most favourite f.r.i.e.n.d.s character. However, recently I realised that I’m more like Monica Geller. 107 more words

Thinking Out Loud

So Obsessed Saturday: Friends is Finished

The day has finally come where I have finished the entire 10 seasons of Friends. Any Netflix connoisseur knows the bittersweet feeling I have right now. 812 more words

So Obsessed Saturday

The Lovey Feely Type

In line for lunch when all of a sudden the women in front of me blare the unholy words. Words so foul  and heinous that the child in front of her wails, the windows crack, and buildings fall. 466 more words

Societal Flaws

Friends or HIMYM ?

who doesn’t know these sitcoms ??

Many people think both has a similar character
Barney is similar to Joey
Chandler is similar to Marshall
Monica to Lily… 222 more words