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managing expectations, aka the most personal blog post i've ever written

God helps those who help themselves.

I believe that, fully. But what happens when you can’t really help yourself, so you need other people to step up? 1,379 more words

Going Paleo?

For the last four months, I have been going back and forth about transitioning to the increasingly popular Paleo diet as a means to improve my health (and possibly my fertility). 499 more words


Iberico world tapas, Nottingham

Tapas has become this ubiquitous word we (or at least I) use to describe everything that is a small plate of morsels designed to be shared, it evokes a flavour of leisurely lunches, delicious glasses of wine, grazing and most importantly the joys of sharing food with friends and loved ones. 590 more words


Mirror Talking #3 -- On the Pathway to Your Dreams, It is Time to Overcome Fear!

Whether it is EVOLUTIONARY ENLIGHTENMENT by Andrew Cohen, BECOME A BETTER YOU by Joel Osteen, INSPIRED & UNSTOPPABLE by Tama Kieves, THINK & GROW RICH by Napoleon Hill, or any one of hundreds of other books that I have read and loved over the years on the pathway to my dreams, they all have helped me to face and overcome my fears.   251 more words


Animal Trustees of Austin moving forward thanks to Amplify

Austin (KXAN)- There have been some challenging changes at the Animal Trustees of Austin since the summer of 2014 but they’re ready to move forward. 92 more words


Insight of the Night: Don't go All in on Hope Alone

The risk in playing cards and the risk in business share some common insights. My favorite rule for playing cards is “Don’t bet on hope.” Hoping for that three of a kind or paying to see the next card knowing you have nothing of value in your hand often leads to disappointment. 674 more words

Insight Of The Night

it’s not déjà vu

It’s not déjà vu if it’s all happened before. Slow-motion train wrecks are still train wrecks. Soft landings are a myth airline passengers comfort themselves with. 979 more words

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