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The binary options market requires the establishment of a good strategy for profit, limit losses and to master his account. The money management (money management), risk management strategy and its capital, is therefore an essential tool, alongside technical analysis. 531 more words

Binary Options Market

3 must-ask questions before buying anything on payday

It’s payday again! Every time payday comes, most of us young professionals get excited, for us this is the most anticipated time of the month because we’re finally buying that gadget, that shoes, that dress, that watch or anything we’ve been wanting to have. 606 more words


@MoneyThink "We're honored to announce the launch of a project designed to build the #fincap of returning #Veterans"

We’re honored to announce the launch of a project designed to build the #fincap of returning #Veterans :http://bit.ly/1AAcsMn #fintech

This past weekend, we paid our respects to the members of the military and their families who have so valiantly sacrificed to protect our country.   78 more words

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Are You Lost About Personal Finance? Check Out These Tips!

Personal finances are about much more than dollars and sense. Indeed, basic logic and reason play large roles. Wisely managing your finances is a behavior that must be learned, often times, the hard way. 16 more words


Bills, Debts and Autodisasters

Ugh. I just got a call and text that I missed my phone bill payment and it’s now “late”. I used to be so together and never missed payments. 188 more words


Jenna's books

This is my reading list! If you want a snapshot of what I’ve read, what I’m hoping to read, and what I’m in the middle of right now, you’ve come to the right place. 253 more words

New Year's Resolutions

Simplicity and Savings

Here are some posts from the last year on living a simple life and saving money.

1. Start by taking an honest look at your spending. 215 more words