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Advertising is not a bad thing

I have heard many people in the game industry complain that advertising in games (free to play or otherwise) is a bad thing, even immoral. The reality is it is actually a benefit to people, your customers, if done properly. 476 more words

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Дорого, дешево или бесплатно?

Статья написана для ресурса Appodeal.

Практически в самом начале работы над каким-либо приложением правильный разработчик старается определиться с моделью распространения своего будущего продукта. Будет приложение платным, условно бесплатным или фримиум? 14 more words


Wall Street - The Biggest Con Job in History

How the high priests of finance ruined the world – again!

It’s over 2 hours but, hey it’s Sunday, a good time to watch and learn why everything is collapsing.


Monetization solutions that Monetizus provides.

Hey guys, today we would like to share with you main monetization solutions that you can use if you’re already a Monetizus partner. If you not, then hurry up to create an account and… 274 more words


How to Monetize More than One Video at a Time on Youtube

I pitch raw videos up haphazardly on Youtube a lot. You might call it an addiction. I got nothing better to do. So, sometimes, I miss or forget to monetize a video and it gets buried in the pile of other videos. 91 more words

How to monetize browser extension properly.

Open the Chrome Store and check how many free browser extensions are listed there. Millions users are using this awesome useful tools every day. Developers have spent a lot of time to create this products and in the result they have nothing. 193 more words


Google eavesdropping tool installed on computers without permission

”Privacy campaigners and open source developers are up in arms over the secret installing of Google software which is capable of listening in on conversations held in front of a computer,” Samuel Gibbs reports for The Guardian. 477 more words