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Media Monetization Requires Graphic Images

Media Monetization Internet etiquette is all Netiquette. School ain’t cool traditionally. So it better have audio, video, and images.

I know because I was ‘too school for cool’ until the Information Age started happening. 544 more words


The Task(Rabbit) at Hand

The pain that comes from the extraction of ideas is not a simple hill to overcome. When one truly begins to pick away and mine out relevant, worthwhile thought while going about it in a perfunctory manner is the sign of a good writer. 835 more words


On Monetisation

Working for a company that deals largely in mobile development, monetisation is inevitably something at the forefront of our concerns when designing. Unfortunately, the only thing we prioritise more highly is making great games – and these two things can be hard to mix well. 509 more words

Poll: Monetised Content

Monetised content seems like a necessary evil in this day and age. How else can the cost of hosting, domains, writers, products and other expenses be covered? 305 more words


Auto Complete Attribute Will Improve Your Profit

Autofill in Chrome

Chrome has a great new Autofill feature that as a developer you’ll want to add to your websites for Chrome to use. Other browsers are sure to follow too. 663 more words


Making a Living on Youtube

Back in 2005 three

Previous to YouTube in 2005, and the web video boom of 2007, advertising on mobile devices was viewed as uncharted territory by serious corporate sponsorships in the United States. 1,638 more words