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Anna for Cheap Monday Pre-Spring ’16 campaign

Anna for Cheap Monday Pre-Spring ’16 campaign. Photographed by Boe Marion, styled by Nicole Walker.

(Source: brandmodelmanagement)

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Monday Blues

Dragging on Monday? Who isn’t! With that busy workweek ahead, you know it is going to be a long week. Kickstart your day right with a fresh pressed juice from Juice Press. 76 more words


This is about building a new empire

A empire of none filth i want nothing from kingdoms.of dirt! I will achive independeant success or nothing! I dont care about angry cry babys go to the park find a bush and jerk off! 24 more words


May 25 

Daily Verse: “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” John 15:13, NLT http://bit.ly/1uLV8tO

Life Application: http://list-content.tyndale.com/archive/devos/clasb/issue/97

Daily Devotionals

How Kenyans on Twitter ‘killed’ Moody Awori..Badly.

Monday evening and the country was fooled by a Kenyan who generated fake Twitter screenshots of Former Vice President Moody Awori’s death.

This was a case of a joke gone too far as the user faked the tweets from three credible Twitter accounts, that of Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Nation Media’s breaking news handle, Daily Nation handle and majority leader Aden Duale’s account. 88 more words

#79 Happiness is a carnival fair

Not dreading Mondays is a great accomplishment I have been having in the past years. And this Monday just was another one like that. While taking the long way back home, I saw this temporary carnival fair in the Cathedral Park, with the carrousels and wheels that for me seem to have a vintage aesthetics. 129 more words



Nobody loves me,
but nobody hates me either;
I am like an okay kid.
I am Wednesday…

I am the third of five siblings
in a farmer’s dwelling; 100 more words