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JOY in breastfeeding

I am a strong advocate of breastfeeding. I never planned to be one. I did not realize how hard and frustrating it could be. And I am so surprised how it changed my life. 1,397 more words


The Big Tobacco-style campaign to bury evidence on BPA-Free Plastics

Check out article found on http://www.motherjones.com/environment/2014/03/tritan-certichem-eastman-bpa-free-plastic-safe

Healthy AND Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ever since we tried those Avocado Chocolate Cookies, Mateo has been determined to create his own “healthy” cookie recipe.  These chocolate chip cookies are his first attempt, and man are they delicious!   153 more words


The Barter (2014): Book Review

There’s a reason so many effective horror stories revolve around a haunted house. If horror is meant to unnerve, undermining the sanctity of the home is a hell of way to do it. 1,380 more words


Up and down

Today I realized I had a lot of house cleaning chores to do so I decided to use them in my workout today! Usually I try to do all of the upstairs chores all at once, then the main level chores, then the basement chores. 297 more words


So Why Not?

Why Not?

This is what I found myself saying at the thought of starting my own blog. A real blog. One that would allow me to use my creative writing coupled with life experiences to share with mama’s. 252 more words

Blue Collar