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Seven Reasons I was Obsessed with Pregnancy

I said it in my first post and I’ll say it again….I loved being pregnant.

Pregnancy was the best time in my life. Overall, I felt amazing, both physically and mentally. 2,423 more words


5 Things I Cannot Do Now That I'm a Parent

Earlier this week, I wrote a post that many of your said was pretty spot on (thanks, by the way!) about several things I can do now that I have kids. 430 more words


Mom of the Year (#MOTY)

It’s a phrase I hear at least weekly out of my own mouth or from a friend or complete stranger in passing at Target who’s managing a toddler, a baby, grocery shopping, and birthday gift shopping all at once.  867 more words


Why I Love (this) Friday.

…Because my grumpy hubbie actually greet me ‘Happy Fri-yay’ when I woke him up this morning, and also because I’m almost close to complete my thesis. 207 more words


There is no perfect Mom

On my Facebook I have my shit together on probably 95% of my posts. In reality, I only post my good days. I don’t talk about the days when I just feel like I’m surviving. 466 more words


Modern Working Mom

Parents today have more digital shortcuts and tools than ever before, but do you really need to rely on your smartphone? Modern working mothers, like myself, have our own routines and support systems. 489 more words


Let It Flow: The Mommy Milk Dilemma (1)

I wonder how others view me and what I do. Not to let their opinions dissuade me in exclusively pumping, but to know what is going through their heads. 354 more words

Exclusively Pumping