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"A Prayer for the Momma with Full Hands"-Scissortail Silk

All mothers have been there, that moment when you feel completely inapt as a mother. That moment when you feel guilty for raising your voice or taking a second to yourself. 161 more words

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My Journey as a Mother: Breastfeeding (Part One)

I want to start a series. I don’t know often it’ll be added to, or what I might put in it, but I’d like to call the series of posts “My Journey as a Mother”. 1,031 more words


'Mommy, Ju-Hann Happy'

Lately, these are the 4 words that baby Ju keeps reciting to me. Whether its having kiwi/yoghurt/pear/strawberry/pretzal, watch his favourite cartoon, read his ‘big machine book’ or just a trip to the playground, he will never fails to tell me that ‘Ju-Hann happy’. 54 more words


Epilepsy Awareness day

I’m wearing purple for Epilepsy Awareness day.

Please support our advocacy in the Philippines by signing HERE. Please read and be informed and do not judge. 11 more words


Digger, Bulldozer and Steam Roller.

Every child has something that they fancy, where they will scream in delight whenever they see it and carry along a miniature version of it wherever they go, just like this… 181 more words


Up All Day and All Night

Up all day and all night…isn’t that the life of a new mother? As a new mama, many others told me to “rest when baby sleeps”, and I thought to myself, “that’s easy, I can do that”. 560 more words


Loving on All the Mamas

I was excited to attend a baby shower over the weekend for a friend who is due with her first baby in June. There were a total of 6 of us (out of maybe 17 or 18) at the shower that were pregnant. 554 more words