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Zazen With Buddhist Monks

Open shoji screen doors

Lead to snow covered gardens

Sitting on tatami mats

Legs folded

Eyes closed

Humming softly

Buddhist monks look on silently

Watching and waiting… 25 more words

there’s a time meant for war
there’s a time meant to pray
there’s a time when all you can say is
let it rain

We’ve all been stuck in moments where we feel like we’re slowly dying inside.

230 more words

Moments// Letting Go

About a week ago I went to Clemson for a meeting and as I was driving through I couldn’t help but think about my year. I did that whole thing where you sit in your car with emotional music playing, looking out the window and feeling like you’re in a movie. 1,011 more words


Let's go take a hike in the heat

The sun just rose, but the heat is already too much. My body feels heavy and weak as I trudge up another hill.

My boy is dragging his feet along the ground kicking up clouds of dust. 644 more words

To Moments that Sing

To Moments that Sing

Some of you, I’ve lived,
Some, lived in me,
Everytime, she waved,
Or a raging ocean did,
For none but myself to see. 245 more words


A Moment Like This

My post today will be short because we have a lot of sightseeing to do today in Nashville! Our drive down here was uneventful. It rained off and on and our view was a lot like the picture that’s attached to this post. 279 more words