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Sunrise soon...

How long have you been waiting for that one special thing to happen? Months? Couple of years? a decade now? 

Are you still waiting? Did it occur to you to just give up? 177 more words


Past People...

It is the end of another week. A week of calls and conversations; meetings and moments; highs and lows; energy and emotion. In many ways…a typical week. 594 more words


Blue eyes

Blue eyes, blue skies.

Promises of new seasons.


Love all??

Love is such a beautiful emotion. Something that is present in every single person. Something every single person experiences in his or her lifetime. Something so powerful and if not directed correctly the most destructive force ever. 263 more words


April 17th. What a day~

I spent my day with someone really great on April 17th. It was definitely an adventure, and a night to remember. 161 more words


Crazy little city happenings always lead to fun moments and pictures. There’s a fire in Chino Hills tonight and of course, everyone is filling the streets to watch the orange clouds of thick smoke across the field. 33 more words



“Focusing on the senselessness of it all will just keep pushing you to look inwards deeper and deeper into your personal abyss. I’ve found that trying to affect the world outside me with the gifts I have gives me purpose and temporary bursts of fulfilment,” a kind stranger told me. 9 more words