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Unchanging Fragrance of Comfort

AboveIn everyday life, there is always change.  In the everyday life with Alzheimer’s, change is something that is both dreaded and feared while being an ever-present threat.  830 more words

Healthier Living 123!

As many of you know I have been an advocate for organic/green/healthy living for some time now! A little less than a year ago I started a huge online campaign against GMO’s in our babies formula! 171 more words


An introduction to chaos

I am a stay at home/work at home mom of 6. Three boys and three girls ranging in age from 4 to 18. I am sharing the raising of these hoodlums with my life partner Angie. 164 more words

Make it from home

Trying to get creative with saving money. First anything that I’m not using gets shut off or unplugged. Recycle, recycle,make things like chips from home a bag of potatoes , it will make tones of different things from chips, fries, scallop potatoes, etc. 200 more words

Hormones....you suck!

If anyone has seen my sane self around, please return her! I told my husband the other day I am just feeling straight up crazy lately. 408 more words


Time vs. Money

I don’t even have name for this blog yet, but I have to write something out so let’s see where this goes.

I recently graduated college with a degree in sociology. 731 more words


Saint of the day 20150304

04 March




Casimir, the second son of Casimir III, King of Poland was born A. D. 1458. From the custody of a most virtuous mother, Elizabeth of Austria, he passed to the guardianship of a devoted master, the learned and pious John Dugloss. 635 more words