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Happy Monday!

We had a wildly busy weekend, full of community & goodness! Saturday I hosted a Maker Meet & craft date at my house. Local makers I admire gathered & we shared trade secrets, stories & advice. 450 more words


I don't have what it takes 

I’m going to preface this by saying that ALL moms have a hard job and ALL moms should be celebrated. This is just my opinion from my own experience. 177 more words


Sorry for the hiatus

Sorry It’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything
I’ve been in what I call a “blah mood” or as others who have Fibromyalgia call it a “fibro fog” & for those who don’t know the term fibro fog It’s almost like a depressed type feeling where you wake up & just don’t feel like getting out of bed & just the simplest things feel impossible to accomplish & everything is so overwhelming & that combined with pain just puts you into a fog where you just don’t want to do anything & when others ask what’s wrong you really can’t easily explain it & with fibro these “fogs” can come & go randomly with no warning… 661 more words

Parenthood: "Doing you"

Pre-baby I had been quite the socialite. I loved going to concerts, bars, parties, festivals – I was all over it! Wednesday night: the Dom, Thursday night: maybe Oz, Friday: Babylon? 1,055 more words

It's Been a Long Time!

Motherhood seriously took over my life! It’s been great, but I have missed the mornings where I sit down with a cup of joe, listen to sweet morning stillness with the birds, and can actually hear myself finish a full thought! 434 more words

When Not Writing


Another successful raw dessert to satisfy our never ending love for chocolate. It’s guilt free because all of the ingredients are super healthy, free of  refined sugar, gluten and nuts.   93 more words



I ventured out in the kitchen today and made Soba Noodles in Creamy Coconut “Curry” Sauce and it paid off.  My son has been enjoying creamy sauces and noodles lately, so I thought I’d make something along those ingredients.   175 more words