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The Rhombus in Nature

In geometry class back in secondary school, there was one happy day, at least—the day we talked about the rhombus. The rhombus is a parallelogram in which the angles of the opposite sides are equal: diagonals drawn through the center of these angles will intersect each other at right angles in the center of the rhombus (see fig. 347 more words


Ram's horn - a mollusc with the shell on the inside

This is the internal shell of spirula spirula, a cephalopod mollusc, or the ram’s horn squid. The live squid is rarely seen as it lives in the deep ocean; we only see its internal buoyancy organ. 6 more words


Glass Squid

The Cranchiidae are a family of squid commonly known as “glass squid” which live in oceans around the world. The squid are of no interest to commercial fisheries (yet) and a great deal about this family remains completely unknown. 287 more words