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My journey is not over

If you haven’t noticed I have had a little bit of writer block for the past few days. It’s not that I don’t have plenty of things to talk about, but I am struggling with their relevance to everyone else. 1,144 more words

New Friend

I met a new friend on the school bus today.
She’s a fifth grader,
A whole year older, Mommy!
She says she wants to play with me, 526 more words



There are some small things we never forget
Some greater things we do
I remember hot breath that felt like a brand across my neck… 243 more words


Mom Confession: An Envious Heart

I battle with being envious. I would say I struggle with it, but I think battle is a better word choice. Because I literally feel like I am wrestling and punching envy in the face. 1,123 more words

Lele Marie

Will the “Gay Mafia” Take Over America Again?

From New Eastern Outlook, by Gordon Duff, Jun 2015

A while ago Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the House of Representatives during the “W” Bush administration was arrested by the FBI for fraud and money laundering charges. 1,265 more words


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Duggar Sisters (Part 3): Comparing Lena Dunham's(Childhood) Sexscapades & Josh Duggar & The Hunger Games

A Few Thoughts on Brainwashing :
Finally, in regards to brainwashing and indoctrination, and what the Duggar children have been taught, or how the teachings (Gothard or other) influenced them… I have seen some of the Gothard material, and rumours boldly declare it was used on the girls. 1,495 more words

Sexual Abuse & Violence

De-Compartmentalizing it!

Discussing the taboos and stereotypical practices in an Indian society, the act of compartmentalization is trains and buses is quite common – general compartment, ladies compartment, ladies seat, general seat and so on. 612 more words