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Moleskine Doodles

I haven’t had time for new posts for a while, but there are several books I want to review, so hang in there! Meanwhile, this year has been a year for lots of moleskine pen and ink doodles (all I have time for art-wise), so here is an impromptu gallery of my more developed pics from this academic year–nothing really finished, just more therapeutic creating and imagining. Enjoy!

Comics And Drawings

Doodle of The Day: "Love is Kind"

This new Moleskine sketchbook get me going everyday. Well, at least this couple of days;) This particular doodle is inspired from Pinterest.

This doodle is my Happy-Sunday-doodle. 37 more words


Early Morning Half Price Friday Pick-me-up

Too early to go to work so I dropped in at Tesco. They’ve had Moleskine notebooks in for a while now, but they’re now all half price to clear, which means they’re more in line with TKMaxx pricing. 173 more words


(Note/IG disclaimer: This is is picture/photo of a PAINTING) *Last chance* tomorrow guys to see the fantastic Moleskine project IV group show at @hashimotocontemporary!!! Please check it out if you are nearby and have not seen it already. 58 more words

Musings of the Fountain Pen

Just doodling with my new fountain pen a little more. It’s definitely weird having such a smooth feeling as I am so used to sketching with fine liners. 22 more words


Moleskine - Classic Notebook

I write lists, a lot of lists.

Lists have always been my preferred method of self organisation. – Throughout education and my professional career I have used lists to remember, organise, prioritise and get things done. 233 more words


2015 Moleskines - part 22

Three more moleskine sketches to round out the week.  Have a good one everyone!

Can anyone guess who the last sketch is a study of?  Bonus points if you know the awesome artist.   7 more words