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Long-term memories are maintained by prion-like proteins

Research from Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) has uncovered further evidence of a system in the brain that persistently maintains memories for long periods of time. 760 more words


Notes for molecular biology work

Gel Electrophoresis:

  1. Remove tape from the edges of the caster.
  2. Ensure that there is no mix-up with the ladder and the loading dye.
  3. Prepare the following standard gels:
  4. 192 more words

The Scientists’ Social Network

A new social network could facilitate the exchange of scientific ideas… and save literally billions of dollars in the process. A major problem facing the scientific community is the issue of  transparency and availability for data and results. 138 more words

Ivana De Domenico

Novel DNA repair mechanism brings new horizons

The DNA molecule is chemically unstable giving rise to DNA lesions of different nature. That is why DNA damage detection, signaling and repair, collectively known as the DNA damage response, are needed.  1,096 more words


Transcriptome-wide analysis of the response of the thecosome pteropod Clio pyramidata to short-term CO2 exposure

Thecosome pteropods, a group of calcifying holoplanktonic molluscs, have recently become a research focus due to their potential sensitivity to increased levels of anthropogenic dissolved CO2 in seawater and the accompanying ocean acidification. 284 more words


How your brain knows it's summer

Researchers led by Toru Takumi at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute in Japan have discovered a key mechanism underlying how animals keep track of the seasons. 554 more words


The Very Hungry… Killer Whale?

This doesn’t exactly qualify as news, but it is fascinating none the lesser. The Guardian recently ran a fantastic piece on an orca whale discovered in the 1860’s that, upon dissection, was revealed to have quite the appetite. 70 more words

Ivana De Domenico