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Colony-specific investigations reveal highly variable responses among individual corals to ocean acidification and warming

As anthropogenic climate change is an ongoing concern, scientific investigations on its impacts on coral reefs are increasing. Although impacts of combined ocean acidification (OA) and temperature stress (T) on reef-building scleractinian corals have been studied at the genus, species and population levels, there are little data available on how individual corals respond to combined OA and anomalous temperatures. 234 more words


Puberty and ability to smell prevented by a molecule?

SEMA3E a vitally important molecule in the human bodies blood vessels was prevented from working with people with Kallman’s Syndrome. Kallman’s Syndrome prevents kids from going through puberty and being able to smell. 152 more words


I switched!

I am Oreo Molina. I am twenty-four years old, and I switched!

My parents are the ideal couple that you will look up to and would make you think that there is someone out there for you – someone that will be with you for the rest of your life, someone who will do anything even if it is beyond their limit. 441 more words

Product Focus: Quick-Fusion Cloning Kit

The Quick-Fusion Cloning Kit from Biotools is designed for fast, direct cloning of DNA fragment into any vector at any site. By using this kit, researchers avoid the necessity for restriction enzyme digestionof PCR product and the selection of restriction enzyme site will be flexible. 161 more words

Molecular Biology

Supplier Focus: System Biscience - Stem Cell Research, Tools to Study Pluripotency and Differentiation

iPSC Technologies and Reporting Systems

  • Induce Pluripotency with iPSC factors
  • Study Pluripotency with pre-made iPS Cell lines
  • Confirm Pluripotency with Oct4 and Nanog
  • Track Differentiation across 5 lineages…
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Molecular Biology

Officially college educated

Curiously enough, my sister has the exact same degree as I do. It’s kind of a big deal.

Backstage like CAN WE GO ALREADY?!

My random room mate from freshman year; same room, same degree! 11 more words


Adaptive variability to low-pH river discharges in Acartia tonsa and stress responses to high PCO2 conditions

Environmental transitions leading to spatial physical–chemical gradients are of ecological and evolutionary interest because they are able to induce variations in phenotypic plasticity. Thus, the adaptive variability to low-pH river discharges may drive divergent stress responses in the neritic copepod Acartia tonsa facing changes in the marine chemistry associated to ocean acidification (OA). 241 more words