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Product Focus: Annexin V-FITC Kit


  • Detects apoptosis earlier in the process than DNA-based assays (TUNEL).
  • Rapid labeling of cells. Cell staining takes only 10 minutes.
  • No cell fixation or processing required, reducing the detection time and allowing the cells to be used for further study.
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Molecular Biology

Product Focus: RNA in vivo transfection reagent

work well for siRNA, miRNA, guide RNA and long ncRNAs


Biotool RNA in vivo Transfection Reagent is a nanoscale polymer based reagent, successfully used to in vivo transfer siRNA, miRNA (mimic and inhibitor), guide RNA or long ncRNAs for research purposes such as gene functional studies or RNAi in vivo studies. 452 more words

Molecular Biology

Epigenetic “switch” regulates RNA-protein interactions

Although the central dogma of biology is famously simple ( DNA makes RNA makes protein), many discoveries since the term was first coined have shown that the process of gene expression is incredibly complex. 713 more words

At The Bench

What if? Microsoft Kinect and Confocal Microscopy

It is a well-known phenomenon that you come up with some of your best ideas when you are thinking late at night.  Such an occurrence happened to me, and I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts.   625 more words


Targets and genes

 The purpose of the medical enterprise is to improve the life of the patient. The process is diagnosis and treatment.  Diagnosis should steer the case toward the most beneficial treatment.   403 more words


setting up for genome analysis with Adam on Spark on ec2

I’ve recently been reading “Advanced Analytics with Spark”, really nice book, highly recommended. There’s even a chapter on Analyzing Genomics and the BDG Project!

Bioinformaticians may be very interested in exploring the… 582 more words


Come Out and Play with Basic Genetics

Recently, the girls from Faraday’s Candle write a post entitled “Dr. Brian May and the Zodiacal Light!” In that post they say that they remember Zodiacal light when they think about rock music because Brian May, Queen’s guitarist, made his PhD thesis in astrophysics on Zodiacal light. 214 more words

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