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Mine Shaft

Two miners deep in a mine, go deep in each other. 2,184 more words


Mole de Pistache (Pistachio Mole)

Wanted to make a new (to me) recipe the other day and did some Mexican food research in a great cookbook — Mexico The Beautiful Cookbook… 366 more words


The FTC cracks down on health apps that promise to detect diseases without proof

Snake oil used to be sold in bottles; now it’s downloaded from the App Store.

That’s what the Federal Trade Commission has decided in settlements… 318 more words


Last But Not Least

This is the last of the seven Princesses of Queen Sniffles.

Meet Princess Mole` (Mo leh).  Sounds like guacamole.  We gave her that name because of the big Mole looking mark on her tiny little face.  42 more words


Spring, Come Quickly

The reason for this blog is really one giant bunny trail that started from discussions on the book and eventually came to this thought. So this entire blog is completely devoted to the journey of thought that only took about two minutes in actuality. 439 more words


Fricking Moles

I am a mole and I live in a hole…… – The Southlanders

You remember those cartoons where they try to depict a mine field with loads of mounds in the earth……well that’s what East Carlton Park looked like today.

138 more words

I find this photo quite sexy.

Skatz: This photo is the epitome of everything that turns me off in in man:

1. Necklace.

2. V neck t-shirt.

3. Linen blazer.

4. Blazer sleeves pushed up. 24 more words