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Chongqing, Below and Above

The metro line easily goes straight from the airport into the city center where it connects to all the other above and below ground stations, quite user friendly but definitely not when you leave the comfort of the stations womb, thrust out into the harsh Chinese world the modern transport warren swiftly stops, thick smog that’s always in the distance but always invisibly around you, like some sort of gray ghost. 145 more words


How anyone in this world doesn’t have a soft spot for Mexican cuisine is beyond me. It’s a rainbow of flavours, textures, and products. So you had to know on a recent visit to the state of Oaxaca, I’d get my fill on the regional specialties like cheese, mole and chapulines!! 152 more words


Ways to Stay Humble During a Book Signing

As all of you have heard (too many times), I recently published a compilation of humor columns surprisingly titled, “Life and Laughter.” Because I now have several cases of books in my garage, I decided to hold a book signing at a local book store* to get rid of several copies of my non-best-selling collection. 347 more words


Casa Maria Molcajete Giveaway!

Click on the picture to enter to win a Casa Maria Natural Stone Molcajete

Contest starts Thursday, April 2, 2015

This large molcajete (Mortar & Pestle) measures 4 1/2-inches high by 8 1/2-inches wide, with a 4-cup capacity. 72 more words


Mole or Theater Person?

Here is a handy quiz to tell if a close friend is involved with the theatrical community or is a mole.

Note: this is an intensely offensive article. 159 more words

Quick (but yummy) Prawn Mole

Last night a friend and I got chatting about the wonders of marketplace food when traveling across the globe. After she left, I was inspired to create a quick mole reminiscent of my long lost adventures across the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. 329 more words

Mmmagial Recipes

Goat cheese crostini with mole

Earlier this month, this was posted on VittleMonster, triggering an instant salivatory response, as it clicked on several well-established inclinations: Sourdough, mole, and cheese – in this case, that of goat. 149 more words