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Building Our Own Little Universes

I have heard many complaints about how in cities people don’t talk to their neighbors any more. “Things are different now.” They say, implying the good old days were better. 455 more words

Non Classé

Food Banks

Hello there, my dear Madame,
I come from Folkestone East.
Bought a broom with Thursday’s gluten.
I’ll sweep your chimneys for cheap.

For a farthing, or a tuppence. 101 more words


Game Of Clones

I went out to eat a few nights ago. Sat down with three friends, in a fairly decent restaurant near my home in San Jose CA. 974 more words

The Unspoken Risk to New Moms

I remember bringing my first son home from the hospital and being in complete awe of this tiny little person. Well that’s not completely true. I was thrilled to finally meet my son, but I was also living in a fog trying to recover from birth and care for him. 592 more words


Fish That Climb Trees

“I am the fish that climbed trees…”

I increasingly every day think of what Einstein said  “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will spend it’s whole life believing it’s stupid.” I’ve worked many different kinds of jobs with many different kinds of skills I had to learn very quickly, and I could learn every single one of them, I could imitate them almost perfectly.

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Eastern Medicine

My Grand-Little Fell in Love with my Cousin on Tinder - Dating in a Modern Society

If you’re over 30 there’s a good chance you didn’t understand the above sentence, and that’s okay.

Definitions for a Modern Society: 

Grand-Little: In my sorority I have a “little sister” (like a mentee? 593 more words