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On Grief and Comfort

(Photo courtesy of K-Love, Scott and Kelli)

On grief and comfort…

As we try to move forward, ever so gradually, grief begins to fall behind. At first, it hurts too much to let grief go, so we pull her along with us. 70 more words

Modern Society

INSIDE NIGERIA: When Beauty is worth more than Good Behaviour (A Satire)

by Chukwudi Ezeamalukwuo Okoye

Good character is the beauty of a woman.
–An (expired) Igbo adage

My grandmother used to tell us (her grandchildren when we were but little); there is nothing more valuable than a good name. 1,392 more words

The Poet's Corner

Thinking, Feeling: Reading Roundup

Two completely different books on so many levels. Admittedly I finished these awhile ago, I am backlogged on blog posts and still also need to blog about Sitka and Fairbanks. 749 more words

Book Reviews

When everyone's an expert

Incestuous, homogeneous fiefdoms of self-proclaimed expertise are always rank-closing and mutually self-defending, above all else.
― Glenn Greenwald

I feel the need to remind myself – and anyone who might be reading – of the origin of this blog’s name: unabsolutedotcom. 935 more words


The insanity of modern life

“Is it possible anywhere in this whole wide world to have perfect happiness or not?”

“Is there a way to keep yourself alive or not?” 

“What the whole world values is riches, position, long life, and fame. 189 more words

Corporate Brahmins and Shudras

If you look through the history or South-Asian counties you’ll find traces of a well-established caste system. The paradigm propounded by the Rigveda in India found its roots in the notion that man is divided into four sections and so should society; the mouth for the wise Brahmins, the hands for the warriors of Kshatriyas, the thighs for the merchants of society or the Vaishyas, and the feet for the ones who toil and carry the burden of the body, the Shudras. 936 more words

Caste System

Society and being our 'true' selves

“Even in chaos, the ancient ones were centered, for they were one with their generation and followed the paths of simplicity and silence. In those times, yin and yang were in balance…all forms of life were without injury and no living thing suffered early death.” 209 more words