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Life is not all that easy for most people. Most people who actually care about what they want to do and who they want to be. 151 more words


Life in A Cage

This collection was made in an old apartment in downtown Taipei. Houses like this in Taiwan were typically built in the post war period when economy was starting to bloom and massive housing was on demand. 279 more words


Modern Society, Some Pros and Some Cons...

For some, the term “modern” is synonymous with comfort and ease as new products and services are introduced to make our lives better. For others it connotes a fast paced existence where there is much to do and so little time to do it in, in fact it seems impossible to keep up. 675 more words

Modern Society

Welcome to IT Society!

This blog is dedicated to the wonderful world of Information Technology and how it has influenced modern society. Although many IT inventions have influenced the way of the world and the complex way humans communicate and interact, our blog will be focusing on four major inventions: the computer, smartphone, Wi-Fi, and GPS. 62 more words

The Evolution of Canada's Privacy Laws. Speech

“Much of the discussion about Bill C-6, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, has focused on practical issues relating to its implementation. I do not intend to address only the practical aspects of the bill. 302 more words

Health And Safety

The Noble Solution to the Theft of Capitalism

One of the greatest and most frequently overlooked (or perhaps eclipsed, given the more direct and inhumane atrocities) evils committed by the likes of the despicable totalitarian governments of China and the USSR was the defamation of communism.  1,266 more words


THE DEPLORABLE ACT OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING: Our "enlightened" modern society remains as barbaric as ever.

The deplorable, dehumanizing human-trafficking enterprise and the language used in discussing its eradication makes my skin crawl. Discussing these women, brutally raped and beaten each day, as a “reusable commodity” as opposed to drug traffickers whose “commodity” (illegal drugs) is finite (one can only smoke a joint once) shows you how barbaric our “modern society” remains. 72 more words