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Lives Destroyed For Profit

-Private Eye

‘We humans must be the most depraved and corrupt species that ever walked the earth. No other creature enslaves as we do,for pleasure of power and profane profit. 306 more words


Slavery, The Preda Foundation & Father Shay Cullen

I really don’t know how to describe this man’s work, so I thought I’d start off with this really cheery picture of Father Shay Cullen and two nice looking ladies holding up a Fairtrade poster. 555 more words


Taking a Terrorist Way too Serious

After the recent terror attacks in Paris and Copenhagen, and atrocities by Daesh, the self-proclaimed Islamic State, Western voices including U.S. president Barack Obama… 849 more words


Capturing Color on Film: Photography’s Identity Crisis and the Legacy of Slavery

By Ramona Simmons

A woman walks reminiscing through the halls of her home, stopping at a particular picture that the sun seemed to focus on. Beneath the touch of the sun’s rays glows a pale white face, artfully applied with the paints of womanhood: mascara, eyeshadow, gloss, and the list goes on. 880 more words


8,300 Enslaved in the United Kingdom

There are an estimated 8,300 people in modern slavery in United Kingdom – this is equivalent to 0.013% of the entire population.

According to government records, the most prominent form of modern slavery identified in the United Kingdom (UK) is trafficking of foreign nationals and UK citizens for commercial sexual exploitation and forced labour, which affects both adults and children. 686 more words

Week 4

Psalm 79:11

May the groans of the captive reach you, by your great strength save those who are condemned to death!

This scripture is very short but also very powerful.

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Modern Slavery

333 rescued from slavery

One hundred and five families were trapped in a brick factory and forced to work seven days a week, without rest on weekends or holidays. Seventy-five of those trapped were children, with no real access to education or the simple joys of a regular childhood.