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Hepatitis Information Directly From Centers for Disease Control

Greeting Everyone!

Here is some more pertinent information regarding our disease of interest. Please share using whatever social media you are connected with. Thanks!!!

Hepatitis C Information for Health Professionals…

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Learning Experiences


Sorry for the not posting in so long! I spent a while working on this poem. It took up a lot of my free time. I tended up a voice and a source of frustrations. 683 more words

Austin R Ryan

The New New World

HD 3D 720p
Gush of buzzwords
Trendy soundbites
New lingo of the masses
New jingoes of the salesmen
Glengarry Glenross
ABC animus
Pricked ears at hi tech… 59 more words


Drinking The Princess Kool-Aid

Since childhood I have loved fairy tales but as commercials for the new “Cinderella” movie air, I find myself nauseated. I anticipate a whole new generation of girls imagining their lives will someday be magically changed by a Prince. 521 more words


Equanimity is perhaps the most important quality we need in modern life, but it’s seldom mentioned outside contemplative or Buddhist circles. The word “equanimity” has an almost archaic feel, as if it refers to the attitudes of ancient sages sitting under trees. 690 more words


Faith Crisis, Faith Freedom

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Faith Crisis, Faith Freedom

Ever had a crisis of faith when you had to give up a dearly held belief? I desperately dislike the wrenching torments of such crises, but eventually am inevitably grateful for them, whether addressing faith in a person, an institution, or a belief system. 499 more words

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