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Reactivity… and a Surprise!

Surprise first: To celebrate the middle of the year I created the

free online course “Relaxing Into Meditation” for you all.

It’s a 21-day course with a gentle, interesting, and very natural approach to more calm, peace, and meditation in one’s life. 941 more words



We’re coming up on American Independence Day and the stars and stripes are already in full force, decorating yards and businesses in preparation of the picnics and retail sales events to come. 1,159 more words

Modern Life


Marvellous world we live in. Everything is a button push away. The world is in our pocket, at our fingertips.

Books, facts, figures, all there; tap a few letters and the internet will even help you by predicting what you are searching for. 810 more words


Nice day to start again, nice day for a white wedding

My friend, Lisa, got married last night and I’m still smiling about it. She’s been divorced for nearly 10 years and it took her a while to find the right guy, but if you listened to the speeches and saw the love and light in their eyes, you’d know Mitch was worth the wait. 501 more words

Modern Life


One aspect of life in the olden days that seems to fascinate us is the subject of personal hygiene. We seem to enjoy tales in which it is revealed that bathing was an annual event, that people flung pots of excrement out of their windows and that tooth extraction was so dangerous you could die from it.  996 more words

Modern Life



Dance to your Daddy, my bonny laddie
Dance to your Daddy, my bonny lad

Thou shalt have a fish and thou shalt have a fin… 147 more words


Naughty and Nice

Returning books to Swansea Library, I am surprised to find a central display of erotic books. They are attracting much female attention.

This is the 50 Shades of Grey effect in plain sight. 57 more words

Modern Life