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control with certainty

The question ‘am I in control of my life?’ is answered by your day-to-day reactions.

Tony Robbins promotes the idea that all human psyches require a balance between 6 core needs: certainty, uncertainty/ variety, significance, connection/love, growth, and contribution. 471 more words


Proud to be Jumbos: my college reunion story

I am a Tufts University Jumbo. It’s not the toughest of mascots– especially when everyone in my house reveres the mighty Wolverine** – but we’ve still got our pride. 1,347 more words

Modern Life

An Opinion On Why Church Attendance & Giving Is Declining

First, I am no expert in this matter. But, as my mother used to point out, anyone with a certain part of their anatomy intact has an opinion. 440 more words

Random Thoughts


 This originally appeared (in slightly different form) as
my comment on a post at one of my favorite blogs,
eerily cheerily

One of the things that has struck me most strongly about moving from the rural mountain West to New York City: People are insulated from death. 369 more words


5/28/15: Will Do


and the assent of a flag

to a breeze


Surroundings [fifteen] [29042015]

We spend so much time looking down that we forget to look up. We look down at the mobile phone in our hand, we look at our feet on the pavement, we look down at our keyboards and monitors on our desk, the road in front. 307 more words


Human Needs

It’s funny how I used to embrace the night like a carousing drinking buddy. And now I feel a yearning loneliness in the still of it. 78 more words