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Snooze Button

It is a criminal,
a thief who steals
the peace of morning light
and restful final minutes of true sleep.

For the cult of busi-ness… 172 more words



Hardly a day goes by when I don’t spare a moment to think fondly of pockets. I think they’re brilliant. A significant percentage of the clothing in my wardrobe has pockets. 796 more words


Day 24 - Let's call this Project K......

You know when I started this blog I called my 'getting of fitness' a journey, but didn't really understand how true that statement was. Now, having had a chat to my new coach friend (let's call him Mr A), I've made a couple of discoveries about myself that have really given me pause for thought. 502 more words


How I decided to live my dreams

It all began in the winter of 2014. the cold weather of Jerusalem on winter. living in a rented room with emotionally violent roomates, as cold as it is outside on a snowy day. 140 more words


Behind The Façade   (2015Apr17)

Friday, April 17, 2015                                              1:05 PM

Yesterday I wrote a long tirade about lies. I didn’t mean for it to be a tirade—I intended to lay out my thoughts plainly, like a diagram. 1,459 more words


Day 23 - FEAR is a four letter word.......

There's something I don't get, and maybe some of my fit followers might have come across this before. I want to be fit. I don't mean in the Arnold Schwarzenegger way, just a nice middle-of-the-road fit. 909 more words