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Mats Eilertsen Quartet - The Void

Mats Eilertsen and fellow musicians’ participation in Oslo Jazzed out “10 Days into the Norwegian jazz”.

Originality vs. Tradition or Originality w/ Tradition?

Mats Eilertsen Quartet in Holmenkollen | Mats Eilertsen – bass; Tore Brunborg – sax; Thomas Dahl – guitar; Olavi Louhivuori – drums.


Justin Robinson | Alana's Fantasy

Luckily – independent labels like Criss Cross – give young musicians the opportunity to record their work – Justin Robinson appears as an alto saxophone virtuoso –  his music deserves all our attention and so do his partners in the band. 100 more words


Tineke Postma | Greg Osby: Sonic Halo

When something impresses us – we tend to overuse adjectives which are words that can make us feel closer to what has touched us that much. 106 more words


Trio 3 | Encounter

Again Trio 3 appears on a blog post around here. At its very beginning and along the album – it is possible to perceive the energy and inspiration of this Trio – something that persists over the last four decades – all three musicians are exponents of the jazz avant- garde – separately and together within this powerful and tireless supergroup! 31 more words


Tord Gustavsen - Galgeberg Suite & Tears Transforming

Developing musical languages, musical dialects – musical genres seem to get along in Oslo – a place where you try to be as honest as possible towards music! 17 more words


Geri Allen | Flying Toward the Sound

Three extraordinary pianists, Herbie Hancock, Cecil Taylor and McCoy Tyner, give inspiration to Geri Allen‘s Flying Toward the Sound album, a veneration to the spirit of their music. 87 more words


Miles Davis - All Blues 1959

Genuine inspiration from the seminal album “Kind of Blue”

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