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Writing as an Outlet: Taking Breaks and Mindful Moderation

Howdy do. It has been a while since I have posted one of my more meaningful and introspective posts. I’ve been focusing on more digestible cud for the media-fed masses. 1,095 more words


It's All About the Little Things

Part of my work is to team up with my company’s wellness team and support them in their communication needs for wellness initiatives. What does this mean? 536 more words


Modération : quels sont les atouts de cette prestation ?

La société SEDECO propose au total cinq prestations distinctes. Parmi elles, il est possible de retrouver la modération. Que comporte-t-elle au juste ? Eh bien, ce service de qualité regroupe la validation et la vérification de contenus mis en ligne sur des plateformes web ou mobiles. 72 more words


Networkus Dynamicus

Networking is such an interesting thing. Ten years ago if you wanted Johnny to come play, you would actually have to go to his house and ask his mom. 593 more words

How Much Alcohol Is Too Much? A New Study Has Answers

For decades, there’s been a steady line of literature welcomed by anyone who enjoys a regular drink or two: that moderate drinking can actually protect you from having a heart attack by keeping your vessels clear and relatively plaque-free. 589 more words

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Picky Eater Picks

One of the hardest things about sticking to a healthier lifestyle is the daily fight against my sweet tooth. So I’ve made it my life’s goal to locate… 237 more words