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Moderation in All Things

Well, I can’t promise a real come back tour, but I am way overdue for a post. How do I even begin to explain the cause of my hiatus? 501 more words


Mind Travels: The Murky Middle Way

 One Foot Out the Door means one foot is often still in … while I started this blog to document and ruminate on my travels, I can’t step out of my regular life every day or even every month sometimes, so I decided I should also write about what’s going on inside the door on occasion. 1,225 more words


Can Pasta be Part of a Healthy Diet?

Pasta is often fiercely frowned upon in the health and fitness world. Thanks to the low-carb diet craze, everyone is all concerned these days about eating enough protein and limiting their carbohydrates. 665 more words


Skip the diet, just eat healthily💙.....Tips for planning a healthy diet and sticking to it. Healthy eating tip 9: Limit sugar and salt

Healthy eating tip 9: Limit sugar and salt

As you fill your diet with the healthy stuff- fibre rich fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and good fats you may find yourself naturally cutting back on the unhealthy stuff, including sugar and salt. 701 more words

Healthy Eating

It's a volume play

Just started a new program in the gym this week; a twelve-week, high-volume hypertrophy workout. High is always relative of course, but this program is definitely high volume for me, working all muscle groups two-times per week over six days. 396 more words


Mindful Monday: Moderation Not Deprivation

For someone who likes cookies as much as they like breathing, and has put themselves on a self-declared quality control mission for all the nearby bakeries, eating healthy is an every day challenge. 570 more words