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Classy chassis

Now onto the underside

The assembly of the chassis next

First the gearbox and exhaust,

The trailing arms

rear axle

Then the front axle, the instructions have you build this up in situ, but this was proving difficult so I built it up first… 8 more words

Model Making

Closing the doors

The door cards have also received a leather effect.

Ready for assembly

Very simple, but things were in those days

And they clip into position nicely

Model Making

Isn't it nice

The wood effect has worked well, So I shall proceed with the rest of the cabin

The leather has also been polished with black shoe polish to give the right effect… 14 more words

Model Making

Wooden it be nice

Now the painting is finished, Time for some wood effects.

I had considered paint effects, but they never seem to work out terribly well, and looking at this footplate would be a nightmare to apply. 64 more words

Model Making

Trad Rad

The radiator is a pretty beast

One of the few parts that will retain it’s original gilt, the logo has been added in with permanent marker (Don’t know how I survived without them) 12 more words

Model Making

...So long as it's black

though we start with the metallic tones

Gun metal and copper for various fittings

and dark grey for the leather

but black for the roof… 22 more words

Model Making

Episode Sixty: Biker Gang / Mass Insanity / Meeting Sir Dodger Muir

Magnuss Earplug and his new girl-friend, Hair-Trigger Provost, have made an attempt to return to their correct quantum reality by duplicating the accident that sent them into the alternate realm. 1,031 more words