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Chapter 15

At the snap of a finger, Christmas holidays went by in a haze of food, TV and sleep. On the first day of class, after the holidays, we were to present a scaled model each for the design of our new project – a bus stop shelter that can upstage the current dreary looking shack, opposite the college campus. 1,099 more words

To be young again...

This picture was taken during my last trip to the Museum Of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York City.  So many memories of architecture school, and my years at the City University of New York.  12 more words


Episode Fifty-Three: The Urinal-Tunnel Interface/ Meeting Cushions / Eating Chefs

Magnuss and his compadres were forced into the shadows many times by roving patrols of end cap soldiers…

They found it necessary to clamber upon dangerous ledges and down narrow back alleys more than once as they proceeded towards a destination the location of which only Carina knew with some degree of confidence… 1,817 more words

Stop! Motion.

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.” – Frank Zappa

I promised you regular progress updates on The Iconophile’s new stop motion animation movie and here we have some early pics of the two ‘lead actors’ in the film. 321 more words


Episode Fifty: Learning to Fart / The Contest / Ultimate Pursuit

Soon the transvestites were clamouring outside Doctor Snippentuck’s door.

“What’s all this bloody noise?” Thelma snapped at them. “Doctor Snippentuck is right in the middle of adjusting a poor male earplug’s willy: he simply can’t think for the ruckus you lot are kicking up!” 2,059 more words

Running Like Buggery, But Never Catching Up

I refer, of course, to my Earplug Adventure series. What else?  I just can’t stop shooting piccies for it, despite the fact that I continue to fall farther behind with the actual story-telling. 60 more words