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Just a little bit more

The last couple of bits on the Belvedere (Apart from the rotors)

A lone aerial

And the side door. Next up the rotors and the big reveal

Model Making

Closer, closer

Back to the Chinook

The exhaust pods have gone in (looking a lot better than this picture might suggest_

And then the air filters, Revell thoughtfully provide a sheet of mesh and cutting instructions, but it meets me why they couldn’t have printed the diagrams full size so they could be used as templates. 28 more words

Model Making

Closer still

The underside of the Belvedere needs lots less attention than that of the chinook

The wheels go on

and the tailplane support struts. That’s it

Model Making

Matchbox Ghetto Blaster~

I created this using a matchbox, sharpies and paper. The aerial is a dressmaking pin:)


Getting ever closer

And now, final assembly starts!

But first a bit of disassembly as the hatch covers, tacked on for masking, come off

the centre winch, and relocated cover going back on first… 40 more words

Model Making