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Episode Sixty-Seven: The Museum's Winter / Sinking Feeling / Mob Rule

Before he and Hair-Trigger Provost departed the secret end cap enclave hidden inside Eyewash Station, Magnuss was given some advice by the Knights of Your… 1,265 more words

Bringing it together

Back to the Belvedere

With the interior painted

The cabin seats go in

And then the fuselage halves are joined. The fit is not brilliant, but hardly a surprise with a kit this age. 13 more words

Model Making

Thesis Project 1 : Forum for public consciousness by Surendra Luitel

Text by : Surendra Luitel

Photograph : Shirshak Baniya

Thesis project : Forum for PUBLIC CONSCIOIUSNESS


Institute of Engineering, Central Campus, Department of Architecture… 188 more words


Episode Sixty-Six: Light Pool / Android Alliance / Yo-Right On!

Once safely ensconced inside Eyewash Station, and the threat of immediate arrest (or worse) removed, Magnuss and Hair-Trigger began to explore their new environment. First up was a delightful looking Light Pool… 1,311 more words

While I'm on the subject

Whilst I am on the seats, The Chinook needs the pilots seats painted too

So, as with the Belvedere

Dark blue cushions

A lot of masking (And the mounts added) 12 more words

Model Making

garden seating

Time now to get on with the seating for the Belvedere

The cabin seats have come out of the spares box, the pilots seats are as supplied. 67 more words

Model Making

A change of hue

Whilst the interior grey is in the airbrush I have also masked up the Chinook interior for a shot of the same colour

A lot of pieces. 48 more words

Model Making