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More compact Mockito with Java 8, lambda expressions and Mockito-Java8 add-ons

Mockito-Java8 is a set of Mockito add-ons leveraging Java 8 and lambda expressions to make mocking with Mockito even more compact.

At the beginning of 2015 I gave my flash talk…

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The Mocking Tone of Pro-spankers

I am sickened and saddened by the harsh, mocking tone of yet another pro-spanking meme circulating Facebook.

It’s as if being hit and/or hitting a child is not serious. 215 more words

Corporal Punishment/Spanking

Galantis new album

Have you heard it? It’s G-R-E-A-T! One can not describe how awesome it is!
*cough* ‘In my head’ is too good to be true!
It defines my current mood perfectly. 280 more words


What Writing A Paper Feels Like...

Lyrics by: Nathalie N.

Music: Unfaithful ~ Rihanna 

Story of my life

Searching for the right

Article to cite in theee

All I do is scroll… 156 more words


Using Hampers Testing: Enter the Factory

I’ve been writing a lot of C# lately, and paying a lot of attention to my test coverage while I’m at it. Everything was going great until I wanted to use the FolderDialogBrowser to let my users select a directory. 631 more words


Currently working on a simple library that will take any object and fill it with fake data. It’ll be optionally configurable on a per object property basis and all that jazz. 24 more words


Micro-integration tests and a self-organising spring context

Unit tests are very important. I don’t need to explain the obvious reasons for having a high percentage of unit test coverage, but let’s point out some additional purposes and benefits.¬† 1,548 more words