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145: Huh... well that was a thing. I'm begging for someone to mock me. I know I am.

(Note from author: Before anyone complains, I know it says 145. What happened to 144, you might ask? It doesn’t exist. So no you didn’t miss out on anything. 72 more words


Sophie's boundaries

Sophie realises that her mum is often with her, but that adults seem to like to spend time alone. She has seen her mum knock if her dad is working in the study. 187 more words


EXID's Label Responds to TMZ Video

I saw this yesterday and I kept hoping that it wasn’t real. EXID arrived in Los Angeles and was met by their American fans and the American paparazzi who asked them a question or two. 180 more words


Are you beer body ready?

We sure are.

Last week the Protein World’s controversial “Beach Body Ready” campaign was displayed in London’s  tube.
This week Carlsberg is hijacking the ad… 108 more words


Fakes issue with System.Web.Http

I was recently working on some code where I wanted to fake the "System.Web.Http" assembly however I ran into some mysterious problem and thought about blogging about it. 239 more words


Stubbing a var arg method using Mockito

I had a need to stub a method the other day that had a var arg method. I failed in stubbing it using Mockito. It disturb me a lot. 259 more words


Day 201: change sucks

On Friday, I found out that the woman who cuts my hair – Kristen – is leaving. She wants to go pursue her passion and become a full fledged personal trainer. 438 more words