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Fool me once

“I hear you’re wounded? Like, bad wounded? Would you show them to me?”

“Why would you want to see them?”

“Come on, share with me!” 70 more words


Savi Mask - Papua New Guinea

We know, right?

The second you realized what is actually emerging from the mouth of this mask, you probably had a small twitch? We certainly did! 175 more words


What If Guys Acted Like Girls On IG?

There are so many cliche poses women do on Instagram and it’s about time they are made fun of them for it.

A bunch of guys took pics doing those same poses and posted it on… 17 more words


Classical vs Mockist testing

I’ve been looking for language to help articulate the difference between two styles of unit testing, and really like how Martin describes it in Mocks Aren’t Stubs… 810 more words



A mocking raven

snatches my name in its beak

and won’t let it go.


Out of Egypt

Many people look for inspiration in those given as examples in the Bible. They may point to Esther, from poor orphan to Queen; David, the shepherd boy turned King; or Abraham who went on a journey to possess a faraway land as a reward… Oh wait! 502 more words

God turns "what if" into "so what": the Art of Battling Giants (part 3)

David clarifies the offer of what the man who defeats Goliath will receive, and the men around him confirm that “The king will give great wealth to the man who kills him. 648 more words

Facing The Giants