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May: Proverbs 21

Proverbs 21

I needed to read and re-read today’s chapter through, because many of the Proverbs it contains are repeated elsewhere and we’ve reflected on them previously.  488 more words


Makes you a demon that never goes to sleep..

A creature who creeps back and forth on the swing of animosity..

Where the only way to lead life is through the path of suffering.. 98 more words

Moments Of Impact

Coptic Teens and Teacher Jailed in Egypt

My latest article for WORLD turns to Egypt, where four teenage boys and their teacher are in prison over a video mocking ISIS. 96 more words

My Journalism

It's the saving grace of an epistle..

I miss you, honeybunch..
I miss you so much.

Every time i see Aashiqui 2 coming on Television..

Flashes from the past, replay in front of my eyes, and i gets visuals.. 318 more words

Moments Of Impact


Pretension mocks at Me every day

What is Genuity doing in the World?

Why is that everyone is drilling somewhere for Actual Facts

If all will end up in Pretence!


An oneiroscopist's perspective on Ignigenous love..

From the first utterance of the morning bird,
To the first rays of the morning sun.

From first lifting her eyelashes, as soon as she woke up from the sleep.. 229 more words

Moments Of Impact