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Moby Dick - Dan Beachy-Quick

No reverie begs “light” in the blind eye.
Reverie says: dig this depth-of-blank

Deeper. Dig deeper
With the Whale below the white-capped waves –

A twitch of his tail, a twitch of his white tail… 150 more words


A Quote before May

” For all men tragically great are made so through a certain morbidness. Be sure of this, O young ambition, all mortal greatness is but disease. ”

—Herman Melville, Moby Dick.

Is Ahab, Ahab?

“What is it, what nameless, inscrutable, unearthly thing is it; what cozening, hidden lord and master, and cruel, remorseless emperor commands me; that against all natural lovings and longings, I so keep pushing, and crowding, and jamming myself on all the time; recklessly making me ready to do what in my own proper, natural heart, I durst not so much as dare? 17 more words


like a blighted fruit tree

But Ahab’s glance was averted; like a blighted fruit tree he shook, and cast his last, cindered apple to the soil.

Herman Melville, Moby Dick


snuffing up the sea air

That night, in the mid-watch, when the old man — as his wont at intervals — stepped forth from the scuttle in which he leaned, and went to his pivot-hole, he suddenly thrust out his face fiercely, snuffing up the sea air as a sagacious ship’s dog will, in drawing nigh to some barbarous isle. 12 more words


warningly waving his bannered flukes

But soon the fore part of him slowly rose from the water; for an instant his whole marbleized body formed a high arch, like Virginia’s Natural Bridge, and warningly waving his bannered flukes in the air, the grand god revealed himself, sounded, and went out of sight. 23 more words


the wrenched hideousness

And thus, through the serene tranquillities of the tropical sea, among waves whose hand-clappings were suspended by exceeding rapture, Moby Dick moved on, still withholding from sight the full terrors of his submerged trunk, entirely hiding the wrenched hideousness of his jaw.

Herman Melville, Moby Dick