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Vroom Vroom

Written by Rebecca, a Communications student at SFU. She is looking forward to good weather and a vacation during the summer.

Yesterday I sat in a BMW i3. 895 more words

Crossfit BMF 04/25/2015

Warm Up

BMF Total

1RM Squat

1RM Press

1RM Deadlift

1RM Bench Press

1RM Weighted Pull Up

5. Donald Duck Syndrome

Last time, we addressed Pink Panther Syndrome – the posterior pelvic tilt that occurs when the hip muscles are imbalanced in such a way that the lower back is flat, or in flexion. 253 more words

Increase Height

Chronic Ouchness!

Just as I think I’m having a good day BANG the legs give out!
One simple little stroll up a little incline (3:1)
Not even with a pack, using my sticks because I’m not daft, and BANG off goes a knee  and my not so favorite ankle. 398 more words


Is your website ready?

Google is making a major shuffle to its search engine, and this time around it’s not as easy as changing just a few tags or add a few more relevant pages. 260 more words



Rista Mobility – A Promising Tech Startup Helping Retail Stores of India Go Mobile.

Today, for any consumer-oriented business to succeed requires a mobile-friendly retail… 659 more words


How important is mobile? Ask Facebook and Google

Many enterprises still grapple with the “value proposition” of mobile. While they believe mobile can benefit the business, they hesitate to make a big commitment because they can’t articulate or even imagine specifics. 285 more words