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Padlet: more than just a digital cork wall!

Great ideas are produced when you work collaboratively as a group or team. However, depending of the number of people involved in each activity, to organize them could be a nightmare. 798 more words


Infographics on HTML5 Vs Native Apps

The journey to the promised land is truly underway. I am referring the promised land where HTML5 will run consistently on all devices. Meanwhile, if you are thinking about replacing native apps with HTML5, this infographic will give you some idea on the state of affairs.

Srinivas Krishnaswamy

Mobile Learning

Customer Experience is also Learner Experience

I am a great admirer of marketing teams in enterprises. They have always been data driven and have always focused on measuring their performance objectively. This skill is in short supply when we look around at the training function in the enterprise. 102 more words


The Mobile Disconnect in the Enterprise

Common perceptions about what enterprise users and consumers want from mobile applications may not be in complete alignment (not that this is an earth shattering revelation!). 180 more words

Mobile Learning

Duolingo for Schools brings the language learning platform into the classroom

Duolingo has introduced a new platform designed specifically for use in schools that promises to make it easier for teachers to keep up with students’ language learning progress. 271 more words


New Features Timeline - 2014

2014 is behind us and it was an year in which we continued our platform growth. EduBrite LMS grew by direct feedback from very engaged customers. 46 more words