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The first humans were probably not Adam and Eve

I was watching Noah back when it was released with my friend and was pretty much amazed by the animation at the beginning. But at one point, I was like, Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat???? 7 more words


Devotees with Benefits

Was going through my facebook news feed. Found this. I dont want to waste time talking about it. The picture explains itself.
I cannot verify the statement, as it was send on a direct msg, but it sure did come from a page that seems to know what they are doing. 21 more words


Faith In Humanity Restored!

Came across this beautiful video by Being Indian. It was very good feeling I had when I was done with the video.

These kids of the ‘modern’ world show what they think of religion. 207 more words


This is the Virus in Humanity

So Nepal was hit by an earthquake that marked 7.8 in magnitude. That is terrible for the people living there. Given our own earthquake in India, and anywhere in the world, seeing people suffering around the globe during such natural calamities, Yes we feel sad for all the lives lost. 554 more words


The Bot Pees on the Fruit

While on a conversation with a friend on the web, I get a link of Google maps. I open it to find something really funny. 209 more words


Irony of Indian Religion

33 Crore Gods to respect for, with no respect given the things that actually deserve it. Animals. Do we really?

This is the god we start all our festivals with. 135 more words


For the Festive Season in India.

One Group in India I have seen that practices free speech. So far their videos only contained Comedy and Social Causes but this is the first on God. 22 more words