2015: Year of the Sheep, Ram or Goat?

Happy lunar new year! This is my first blog post for this site. I’m dedicating Sky Digging to the novel I’m currently writing. Keywords will be virtual reality, dreams, lucid dreaming, video games, writing, fantasy, science fiction, korean, mmorpgs. 92 more words


A Return To Form - Final Fantasy XIV Realm Reborn Informal Review

It’s been a long time since I’ve rambled on camera about a video game. Luckily, Final Fantasy recently released a trial period program, allowing me to play the game for long enough to form an honest opinion. 39 more words


A Day With Elder Scrolls Online

As you may already be aware if you are a follower of video games or if you are a follower of us, Elder Scrolls Online is soon going free-to-play. 778 more words

Video Games

Click to Join the Squad: Reviewing 'Guild Wars 2’

When it comes to MMOs, the first ones that come to mind are always going to be the big ones. World of Warcraft, League of Legends… 1,260 more words


Game Review: The Kingdom of Loathing

You’ve probably seen the name from time to time but wondered, “what exactly is The Kingdom of Loathing?”  As someone whose played the game myself, I’m glad you asked!  966 more words


Video Game Tuesday: Giving up on Destiny

This week on Video Game Tuesday I’m explaining why I’m done with Destiny until it gets fixed properly.

My Issues With Destiny: The lack of Story isn’t a huge factor in me no longer playing Destiny, but it does affect it. 636 more words

Video Games

My Adventures In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Part 1 The Introduction

There was a time where I could have said “I’ve played every Final Fantasy available to me except the online game XI”. During my teenage years, I was obsessed with the Final Fantasy series, playing everything from I to XII, which was the latest at the time. 1,012 more words