Tutorial Madness

A few weeks ago, Champions Online announced that it would be updating the game to change its tutorial experience.

I found that interesting for a couple of reasons.   810 more words

Champions Online

Diverse Games Giveaway! Enter to Win a Free Code for ‘The Secret World’

We’re running yet another free giveaway! I know, right? Rebel life. Send your thanks and good wishes to @AndrastesTits, who was kind enough to surprise us with a download code for the acclaimed MMORPG  355 more words


Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

The first expansion is here, one and a half year later! Wohooo!

I’m feeling both excited and quite terrified. Terrified that I will dislike the jobs I’ve “mained” and loved so far. 254 more words


Video Game Tuesday: ESO vs. FF14:ARR

This week on Video Game Tuesday I’m doing yet another versus column! This time it’s ESO vs. FF14:ARR!

Recently Elder Scrolls Online released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and it’s launch has been absolutely terrible. 283 more words


TNT: Overlord Volume 02 by Maruyama Kugane

This week for Tranlsation Necessary Thursday I’m covering the second volume of a series I covered a while ago. It’s Overlord Volume 02 by Maruyama Kugane! 198 more words


Video Game Tuesday: The Pre-Expansion Slump

This week on Video Game Tuesday I’m talking about something that bugs me incessantly about MMOs. It’s that freaking Pre-Expansion Slump!

What is the Pre-Expansion Slump: It’s the time between the last content patch and the release of an expansion. 217 more words