Back to MMORPG Basics or Relearning to Enjoy the Little Things

Anyone who plays tabletop RPGs will attest to how cool and interesting even the smallest actions or events can be while role-playing. As a kid, I felt the same sense of wonder in my first MMORPG, The Fourth Prophecy, as I still do while playing Dungeons and Dragons. 499 more words


Push to Talk: When Gaming Online as a Woman Basically Guarantees Harassment

When I first held a controller in my hands, I felt such a rush of excitement as I stared at the Nintendo GameCube accessory, its large triggers and buttons gleaming brightly. 916 more words


Games I'm Psyched About or Have Played This May

This month I’ll be posting about what I’ve Played/ or plan to.This month I have played Blade and Soul (in english) for the first time. Blade in Soul is an MMO that was offered in japanese Chinese and Korean only for the past few years. 133 more words

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The Quest for Diversity in MMORPGs: LGBTQIA+ Research in 'RuneScape'

LGBTQIA+ representation. Can we get more of that? Gaming as a woman can be difficult in itself, but I also find diverse¬†gaming difficult too. Combine the two and I find my gaming experience … blah. 970 more words


Sword Art Online: the MMORPG that we wish existed?

A few months ago, I watched the first half of Sword Art Online with my sister and was absolutely blown away by the concept of the MMORPG that the characters in the anime start off in. 1,112 more words

Video Games

MMORPG Development: The Fine Line Between Interesting Mechanics And Tedium

MMORPG development has come a long way in the last fifteen years. One of the biggest change in design philosophies is the focus on making everything user friendly. 699 more words