Music to My Ears: Brothers

So this probably feels like cheating, especially after we blurred the lines last time by featuring music from Steins;Gate. That music was legitimately in the game, though, so you’re probably wondering, “What the hell is the video game connection?” 356 more words

Video Games


Following from my previous post about my lack of interest in WoW at the moment, I’ve been thinking long and hard about the possible reasons for my current absence from the game. 378 more words

"Developing Language and Cross-Cultural Communication Skills via Movie Read-Throughs and MMORPGs"

“Our principal goals in this project were to (a) inspire students to have fun with English, (b) enable students to communicate and connect with people from other cultures, and (c) improve students’ English abilities and develop a range of other ’21st-century skills’ (skills that are generally regarded as being important in the information age).” 136 more words


Swordsman Indonesia - Bonus Top Up 20% dari Telkomsel


Swordsman Online Indonesia mengadakan event bersama Telkomsel lagi lho~!!! Bagi kalian yang melakukan Top Up dengan PULSA Telkomsel, kali ini kalian akan mendapatkan  45 more words

Digital Object Theft in Online Gaming

By Amelia Lever

After hours and hours of hard work you finally save up enough coins to buy black amour. Leaving the grand exchange, another player is offering to trim black amour for 30K. 672 more words

Slime from Maple Story Amigurumi

One of the cutest little monsters on Maple Story lol –> Etsy.