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SWTOR Tip: How to Not Get 12 Times XP

Shaddoe at MassivelyOP shared a tip today in his Hyperspace Beacon post that I found extremely helpful, so I thought I’d pass it along.

I’ve seen a few people lamenting the rapid pace of the 12x XP boost that subscribers are receiving throughout the summer months. 116 more words


My Quaggan Aviator Mail Carrier Arrived

A number of community people were sent out a load of shirts, lanyards, pins and whatnot from Arenanet recently and I was among the happy chosen. 231 more words



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       City                               Town                           Gate
Black Desert

Video Game Tuesday: Prepping for an Expansion in MMOs

I’m going to tell you how to prep for an expansion in an MMORPG for this week’s Video Game Tuesday!

Get Caught Up: If you have any story quests that you need to finish before the expansion releases do it sooner rather than later, and if a new content patch releases and it contains story quests wait one day before attempting any group activity. 283 more words

Video Games

We were dead before the ship sank...

Well, we’re not dead… but the ship is sinking.

So the weekend was pretty good; definitely a step up from the previous weekends. Saturday started with book stuffs and was ended with Titan EX. 484 more words


Final Fantasy XIV Flying Fat Chocobos

Final Fantasy XIV is getting a new update called Heavensward and along with many things it seems we are getting flying fat chocobos. Chocobos are the games horses been in the game for a while but never flying. 173 more words