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Beberapa Alasan Orang Menolak Produk / Bisnis Oriflame

Saya mengenal Oriflame sejak lama, ketika masih dibangku kuliah. Waktu itu saya taunya kalo Oriflame adalah merk produk kosmetik. Saya tidak tau kalo Oriflame juga menawarkan kesempatan bisnis. 1,029 more words

Ngantor Di Rumah

Seize the Opportunity

Long ago, in one of the old Greek cities, stood a remarkable statue. Every trace of it has vanished now. However, we still have an epigram which gives us an excellent description of it and the lesson which those wise old Greeks meant it to convey. 115 more words


Royale Prime: A review

Royale Prime is a vitamin that provides health-enhancing and revitalizing phytonutrient benefits from the extracts of the best red, green, yellow, blue and white fruits and vegetables and from whole food concentrates.
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(MLM) Why is it the media are very prejudice towards Network Marketing?

“Tell the truth or someone will tell it for you”

– Stephanie Klein, book author

Most Networker likes to use the media to help market their company/product, and it is one of the biggest mistakes that I stop my team from doing. 331 more words



It has been shown numerous times through out articles and newspapers stating the anywhere from 75-94% of millennials would prefer to own their own business. Because lets be honest, we are trending away from the typical get a high education and work for a good company for 40 years then retire. 513 more words