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6 Years An Angel

Michael, as pure and innocent as a dove
Forever sleeping in eternal love
Sleep, my King
Dream uninhibited
Frolic and play
Have joy unlimited
No form of malice, 29 more words

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Did Michael Jackson Pay Families Off?

Court evidence and testimony speak for themselves. Do you want to know why MJ was accused of paying people off? Why families went to a civil settlement before a criminal one? 226 more words

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Racism in the Michael Jackson Fanbase: You "Stan" a BLACK Man!

It’s very confusing -and disheartening- to know that there are some fans who are racist and insensitive towards the plight of Black Americans. In light of the Black Lives Matter movement, I see that a lot of fans have shown their true colors. 806 more words

Michael Jackson

Pain Inside.

The head and heart are connected. What affects my head also affects my heart and therefore my emotional and physical well-being, and vice versa. I often feel isolated from others because it feels like no one will understand. 13 more words


Conversations and Upcoming MJ Projects #janfam #mjfam

What can I say? Janet’s been building anticipation for new music since August 2014

If there is a new project, you'll hear it from my lips.

491 more words
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Michael Jackson's Vitiligo: Why People Know So Little About the Disease.

Look at the screenshot above. Let me tell you what’s wrong with what this fan said. This person insinuated that Michael Jackson bleached his skin which is what caused the vitiligo and damaged his ability to make melanin, which is so false that it’s laughable. 800 more words

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Maestro Chapter 1, Part 5

Kayla woke refreshed and happier than ever. The first thing on her mind was the wonderful time she had last night, and with a real gentleman. 1,429 more words

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