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Michael Jackson's Vitiligo: Why People Know So Little About the Disease.

Look at the screenshot above. Let me tell you what’s wrong with what this fan said. This person insinuated that Michael Jackson bleached his skin which is what caused the vitiligo and damaged his ability to make melanin, which is so false that it’s laughable. 800 more words

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Maestro Chapter 1, Part 5

Kayla woke refreshed and happier than ever. The first thing on her mind was the wonderful time she had last night, and with a real gentleman. 1,429 more words

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#MJFAM Toxic Ass MJ Fans

This is a rant.

Okay, I know I’m not the only one in this fan base who has noticed that there are a select few fans who think it’s okay to lie on and harass other fans for not agreeing with them. 431 more words

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We See You, Michael.

They can call you a monster, a freak, until they turn cold

But we will fly your flag of love

You, truth, Michael, as gentle as a dove… 113 more words

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We would like to release a statement for our supporters regarding the recent unrest online between the “One Rose for Michael J. Jackson” Facebook group and Michael’s Dream Foundation. 155 more words

Chapter 1, Part 4 The Date

“…she took a deep breath and went to open the door…”

She took one look at him and went mute. He was flawless. He looked better than SHE did! 1,641 more words

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