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Malcolm X, Chokwe Lumumba, Black Lives Matter, and The Blueprint For Black Power

Soundtrack: The Last Poets “Niggers Are Scared of Revolution”

My Spirit tugged at me to write these words when I saw this article, “Diddy on #BlackLivesMatter: ‘Black People Are Committing Genocide on Ourselves'”, while taking a break from writing my book. 2,375 more words

The Rise Of LeBron James

On the heels of the immense Michael Jordan legacy, LeBron James continually moves with the collective rhythm of the NBA. He is certainly not the first baller moving up the echelon of the National Basketball Association to be compared to arguably the greatest of all time: The G.O.A.T, His Airness. 977 more words

Michael Jackson thriller video reaction as a child 

Michael Jackson thriller had to be the worst video I’ve ever seen in my life ,the video scared me so much growing up as a child .Everyone love Michael Jackson while he was here it made me so sad watching the video growing up I had bad dreams about the video seeing Michael Jackson like that The worst thing ever to happen to me while watching tv because we’re so used to seeing Michael Jackson happy ,dancing ,smiling or doing the moonwalk with his hat on the side of his head. 237 more words

The adventure begins...

(Image in courtesy of MJ)

Stay tuned for more of our travel experience, food review, movie review, and more!


Why All Of Our Self Work Isn't Working

A week ago, I posted this on Facebook:
“Recent experiences are teaching me that many of the women who appear to really have it together (successful, comfortable in their own skin, spiritual, confident) are often doing the worst internally. 890 more words

Mesmerized by Critical +

Looking for another essential element of your day? Look no further than the Critical + strain. Grown by Farmer J’s in Eastern Washington, this was a relaxing trip with strong mental and physical effects. 261 more words