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Lily Among Thorns

The photoshoot’s title was from Song of Solomon chapter 2, verse 2, “Like a lily among thorns is my darling among the maidens.”

I hope you liked the photoshoot =) It’s my first one of MJ, and I think it turned out pretty well.


Photo Shoots

5 Things I'd Rather $80 Million Dollars Go Towards Than The Kardashians

Momanger Kris Jenner has inked a new $80 million deal with E! for her entire family. To me this is a giant waste of money and could be spent way better! 80 more words


Through Experience

I knew what was inside of me
And I asked GOD to help me
Over and over again at that edge
Thoughts already present but refusing to act… 180 more words


How much i love you!

I love you like how Sheldon loves his spot
Let me get my shades, you look blazing hot.

I love you like how TR loves his hair… 177 more words


The Traveling Cyclist Goes from Cold to Hot and Back Again

The Traveling Cyclist
- Bjorn Engelhardt

Chinese New Year passed again whilst I was away and while the bike stayed home to celebrate there were plenty of opportunities for remote riding in both the absolutely freezing to the extreme heat. 1,210 more words


Mary-Jane's Journal -- Entry 1

Bonjour/Hola! It’s me, MJ. The title just says Mary-Jane instead of MJ because Loren thought it sounded better with “journal.” Anyway, I’ll post entries from my journal on here sometimes. 567 more words


MJ's Profile

Hi =) I made MJ’s profile, it’s on “Meet the Girls” now. But it’s also below . . .


I bought MJ for my birthday when I went up to the American Girl Place DC with two of my friends. 120 more words