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Quick Tips: Stop Mixing Bowls From Slipping

There is nothing worse than trying to mix something in a bowl with one hand, while adding another ingredient with the other – and the bowl slips all over the place! 48 more words



Sì, lo sappiamo perfettamente.. La domanda che più o meno tutti si stanno facendo in questo momento è la seguente: come fare la JAM PERFETTA… 409 more words


At the dub stage for Yoga Hosers.

Had a great day at the dub for Yoga Hosers today with composer Christopher Drake and director Kevin Smith. To borrow a quote from Kevin, “it sounds expensive!” You can’t get a better compliment than that. 8 more words

Film Score

Picasso, Primativism, Paint, and Pastels

I saw this project on A Glimmer of Light and decided it would be a fun project to do with my 5th graders. They get so caught up in making things realistic and perfect, this project encourages them to do just the opposite and let the funky chicken out. 76 more words

5th Grade

Basic 2-Channel DJ Controllers

The next few episodes will be catered to DJ controllers at different price ranges. This episode is exclusively for beginner DJs and only features 2-channel controllers (Look for 4-channel controllers in the next episode) for under $300. 527 more words