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Bargain of the Century

“Bargain of the Century”
Enamel, spray paint on canvas


Getting Ready for an Exhibition - Photographing Day

This week I was determined to get all the pictures for my exhibition at Humble House Gallery in Fyshwick, Canberra completed. And believe it or not I did. 185 more words

Coloured Pencil

Nile Koetting - Hard In Organics

Installation view of Berlin and Tokyo based artist Nile Koetting’s latest solo exhibition, Hard In Organics, at YAMAMOTO GENDAI, Tokyo. For more information on Koetting’s works, other related projects, past and upcoming exhibitions, please visit: yamamotogendai.org

Photo: Eiketsu Baba


Mk. 71: Three Flowers and a Skull

One of my least favorite among the random work pieces I ever made.. I don’t know, maybe the outcome became too random.. Have a great weekend, guys! 10 more words


Jo Worme- Visual Artist

Jo Worme is a Visual Artist originally from New Zealand and residing in Newark, Delaware. She has an Associates Degree in Fine Arts from the Delaware College of Art and Design, and experience as a Framer as well as a Photographer. 53 more words

Art For Sale


After seeing all the crayon art, I came across one I thought I could manage.  I created this one with the movie Chariots of Fire in mind.  30 more words

Mixed Media

Grandbabies for Christmas

I am a MiMi who loves to make things for her little Darlin’s.  So this year I went to work to make something for the walls. 50 more words

Mixed Media