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Lydia Brown (c1790-1840/1850), Buried or Attending a Wedding?, 52 Ancestors #78

All I can say is thank heavens for the government.  Even back in “the day,” the government had a place in the lives of the citizens, whether they liked it or not, and because of the government, we have records today.  4,486 more words

Mitochondrial DNA

Lois McNiel (c1786-1830s), Eloped?, 52 Ancestors #77

Lois McNiel or McNeil, depending on which way which side of the family spells the name, has always been one of my favorite ancestors because of the wonderfully romantic love story associated with her and her beau.  2,476 more words

Mitochondrial DNA

Yamnaya, Light Skinned, Brown Eyed….Ancestors???

Late last fall, I reported that scientists had discovered a European ghost population.  This group of people then referred to as the ANE, Ancient Northern Europeans, was a previously unknown population from the north that had mixed into the known European populations, the Hunter-Gatherers and the farmers from the Middle East, the Neolithic. 1,824 more words

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I Have Lost My Damn Mind

I was going to post the pertinent Family Group Sheets for my Brummet family from Yates Publishing, but decided it might run afoul of their copyright. 195 more words


How Much Indian Do I Have in Me???

I can’t believe how often I receive this question.

Here’s today’s version from Patrick.

“My mother had 1/8 Indian and my grandmother on my father’s side was 3/4, and my grandfather on my father’s side had 2/3. 939 more words


William Crumley the Second (c1789-c1839), Methodist, Miller, Pioneer, 52 Ancestors #75

About 20 years ago, when I was really starting to dig into the Crumley line, one of the other researches on either the Crumley rootsweb or Genforum list said something very prophetic. 12,819 more words


Phebe Crumley (1818-1900), True Grit, 52 Ancestors #74

Phebe Crumley was born on March 24, 1818, according to her tombstone, to William Crumley and his wife, Lydia Brown.

Ok, her mother is probably Lydia Brown.  7,642 more words

Mitochondrial DNA