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Horsing Around

There are just under a million horses in the UK. Sadly, not one of them belongs to me, despite the fact that ever since I was 4 (and, let’s be honest, probably before that too), at the top of every Christmas and birthday wish-list I put “a pony”. 1,170 more words

More in the DNA Wars

Lately I have been drowning in DNA.  I am trying to figure out how to interpret the DNA results I have and make use of them in searching for my ancestors.  2,688 more words


Ann Moore (c1785 – 1860/1870), The Minister’s Daughter, 52 Ancestors #63

Ann Moore, or as the family affectionately called her, Nancy or Nancy Ann Moore, is one of those ancestors we only know due to the men in her life.  2,457 more words

Mitochondrial DNA

Mitochondrial Genetics Wrap Up Assignment Available

Hello students:

I’ve been pushing you hard in the lab. I don’t apologize, and I am proud of those of you have kept up. It’s clear that individuals who have missed days recently are lost. 100 more words

Lab Work

Haplogroup A4 Unpeeled – European, Jewish, Asian and Native American

Mitochondrial DNA provides us with a unique periscope back in time to view our most distant ancestors, and the path that they took through time and place to become us, here, today.  5,226 more words

Mitochondrial DNA

mitochondrial genetics documents are all avaiable on the lab work page

If you’ve been absent physically…or mentally (and that’s just about all of you) the documents you need to successfully complete our mitochondrial DNA case study are available on the… 27 more words

family histories for each patient...

I’ll put more on-line tonight, but in the mean time…especially 1st block…read these two family histories (below)…and come to class with constructed pedigrees in hand. Everyone: we will analyze each patient’s DNA using gel electrophoresis. 206 more words