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mitochondrial genetics documents are all avaiable on the lab work page

If you’ve been absent physically…or mentally (and that’s just about all of you) the documents you need to successfully complete our mitochondrial DNA case study are available on the… 27 more words

family histories for each patient...

I’ll put more on-line tonight, but in the mean time…especially 1st block…read these two family histories (below)…and come to class with constructed pedigrees in hand. Everyone: we will analyze each patient’s DNA using gel electrophoresis. 206 more words

Ruthy Dodson (1820-1903), Survivor, Divorced, Land Owner, 52 Ancestors #61

We thought her name was Martha.  They said her name was Martha – but it wasn’t…or if it was there is no direct evidence of that.  5,416 more words

Mitochondrial DNA

Haplogroups and The Three Brothers

Do you remember when you first started working with genealogy and you encountered your first “three brothers” story?

For those of you who don’t have one, it goes like this: 1,084 more words


Continually Inspired - A Tribute To My Favorite Wildlife Photographer: Thomas Mangelsen

A few short months ago I walked into the Mangelsen gallery on Girard Ave in La Jolla, CA and was amazed to find out that Tom would be in town within the next week for a book signing.  614 more words


Elizabeth Vannoy Estes (1847-1918), Cherokee?, 52 Ancestors #60

“You do know there were two of them don’t you???”


“Yea, Elizabeth Estes and Elizabeth Estes, don’t get them confused.”


“They were sisters, well, sisters-in-law anyway.” 5,930 more words