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Curious Myriad Surface

This collage snap was inspired by a visit into Gallery 223 in Lower Marsh Street, Waterloo to view” Curious One” and artwork by Dragica Carlin showing “A Myriad of Marks” at the Lollipop Gallery in Shoreditch. 9 more words

Mitch Hicks

Cracking Paint with William Blake & Vhils

I took a snap of peeling cracking paint off a wall on Virgil Street in North Lambeth, not knowing that the great british painter poet William Blake would also feature in my blog alongside  artwork by the highly rated street artist Vhils.  85 more words

Mitch Hicks

Stuff that caught my eye

Mehdi Ghadyanloo

Very good advice!!

Surreal Wapping

Snaps by Mitch Hicks

Mitch Hicks

Femme Fierce Much Reloaded

I went back a few days later to see what was left from Femme Fierce in the Leake Street tunnel.  As expected some defacing had occurred spoiling the artwork from the ladies. 33 more words

Mitch Hicks

Don't shoot yourself in the foot

I shot these boots in a charity shop in Buckingham…. ~ Mitch ~

Mitch Hicks

Phlegm paints in Red Market

What a wonderful wall this now is thanks to artwork by Phlegm painted in the Red Market, Rivington Street. Snaps by Mitch Hicks

Mitch Hicks