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Lost Mind

I am losing my mind, getting high on the things you do to me. Oh lord, I’ve got what I need in the right time. We started off with “who’s your daddy?” games and we went up for more. 1,307 more words

Sex Story

"10 Royal Mistresses Who Had Their Men by the Crown Jewels"

Can anyone resist such a title? Fond of history, I enjoy reading articles such as these, especially enjoy the visuals, that memorialize the enduring human qualities and behaviors associated with attraction, sexuality, lust, desire, power and manipulation, the give and take of the human condition. 35 more words


You Saved Me

Sometimes I hate myself. I hate that I remember you, everything about you, our brief moments together. They were very few but somehow those memories are embedded in my head and in my heart. 845 more words


I don't want to be unfaithful to my wife but I can't help it

Jason said, “I don’t want to be unfaithful to my wife but I can’t help it. I feel guilty about it too. I have told myself many times that I have to stop the relationship before my wife finds out about it. 926 more words

Philosophical Stories


As great as my husband and I are doing, and truly we are, I still struggle with the affair. Not so much that the affair happened – after 6 months I have accepted that as truth. 719 more words


New shoes

You like? I do. I can stomp on you hard with these clunky platforms. And afterwards, you can give me a foot rub.

The Underground Vol. 11 Pt. 1

            Izzy was still trying to wake up as the rope around her braid pulled her up and off the couch. Lauren pulled the rope taunt enough that Izzy had to stand on the balls of her feet. 839 more words