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well, shit

i honestly never thought i’d be hearing about jon’s shit on a regular basis. in his morning email, on yahoo, on the phone. right now our conversations revolve around his ass. 1,013 more words


Today's PSA....

We do it… we do it all the time. Sometimes the other person is also a narc, sometimes not. We can’t handle taking all the blame, or even some of the blame. 33 more words


đź‘ŤArousal vs Cumming

Note: This audio contains adult material. NSFW. For adults 18 years old or older. That being said, I hope those of you who hear it will respond with comments. 48 more words

The vacation

We had our long awaited one week vacation in a tropical island. It was amazing. More amazing than our last one week vacation in a tropical island. 469 more words

Book Thoughts on Madame Lilly: Voodoo Priestess by Dormaine G.

Dormaine G’s Madame Lilly: Voodoo Priestess is a captivating novella that grabs you by the throat and doesn’t stop squeezing until you reach the end — which is a cliffhanger. 276 more words

Book Reviews

The Underground Vol. 5 Pt. 4

            After the restaurant, the three of them decided to go to Matt’ s apartment do continue discussing the arrangement. While Lauren wasn’t opposed to open or poly relationships, she didn’t understand why Matt’s brother would want to help her out. 621 more words



i can’t tell you how many times i’ve been told i am so strong. what is strong, anyway? just putting one foot in front of the other. 1,006 more words