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My babygirl's Daily Offering


Stargazer’s delicate bloom
Crowned with passionate fragrance
Bending toward summer’s sun
Easily crushed by thoughtless winds
Shriveled by mendacity

Rose’s regal petals
Hoping to flower full… 22 more words


❤What's Love Gotta Do With It?

I was just reminded of a conversation I had a while back with a friend of mine who was and still is looking to get married. 266 more words


🎭Fantasy is Not Reality

There comes a time when one finds out or wakes up to the fact that living in a fantasy has no benefit. Reality must shine it’s light in my life even when I am at play. 129 more words


The Underground Vol. 3 Pt. 3

                Izzy hoped her roommate decided to stay at the club for a while, because she was naked and partly covered in cum with Derek, who was in the process of taking off the rest of his clothes. 734 more words


My babygirl's Daily Offering (4)

Mistress, if this pleases You, i offer myself to You through these words and pictures:

As the seasons refuse

To change
In reflection
i rest



someone told me 50% of us are going to get cancer. i wonder why it’s happening 150% to me. ok, once to me, once to bob, and now once to jon. 874 more words