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scarecrow, courage, and the red brick road

KABOOM. My own personal Big Bang was when one world ended and new one began. I am almost 3 years into a new life circumstances. I lit the fuse on the bomb that would catapult me into a new dimension. 532 more words


Wal-Mart sucks

So I have a whole blogs worth of reasons, I’ll save those for another post, today I’m gonna show you the stupidest mistake I’ve seen, … 43 more words


1D without Zayn?

The last 4 days were absolutely hard for the Directioners. I’m so sorry for them. Some people think the reaction of them is totally unreasonably, but it’s not. 227 more words



I used to recognise myself, its funny how reflections change

When you watch a film you automatically associate yourself with the heroine. For example you think that you possess her better qualities to want to do good in the world.

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A pleasant mistake

Photography’s great fun, even when you don’t get things quite right! This was a complete accident but the reflections and the streaks of orange look pretty good (at least in my opinion). 83 more words


Of How The World Will Go Blind

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. It’s ancient wisdom, folks! Religion tells us to turn the other cheek, though it also absolutely forbids hurting another, for any reason it may be, especially for payback or getting even or for somehow punishing the universe for whatever wrongs you’ve had happen to you. 400 more words

Of Life And Love