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"I got my new hair" by Julia at Grange Park

Wednesday, June 24, 2015
5 minutes
Overheard at grange park

Well Lacey left the bottle of Carnivore at my house and she knew I would be helpless against it so now I blame her for everything that happened after she left me alone with it. 163 more words

Short Story

Misconduct — Haiku

Angered by gruesome
Benevolence of the God’s,
Misconduct betides


“We all do our mistakes – everybody knows; and there are people who, when told, admit them – those, if they care, they change, if they don’t, they don’t change – …

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My Lean In Story (Part II)

Dear reader,

The last time I left you, I just accepted a job at American Express and finished my undergraduate degree.  Much like most of my peers at the time, my then-boyfriend and I headed out to Europe for a month and then I came back to start my new job. 2,271 more words


Stories are Stories of Stories

So much is hidden in houses where windows have been jammed for years,
The freshest winds of monumental change can be blocked out by doors and fears. 157 more words

"Momma told me not to come"

« Momma Told Me Not To Come »

Some people start,
Never stop for a fart
Blab on at full throttle

Alas, you have to stay… 106 more words


Sing, Dance and Sway!

Isn’t life becoming all so busy to do what we really like?

The song doesn’t linger into my mind any more

I don’t really get the nerve to get of that door. 190 more words