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A Favorite Memory

“This has to stop” she says. Her voice is firm and sure, but her eyes are fixated on my lips oblivious to the contradictory meaning of the words just spoken. 353 more words


is this my life?

“You will need to fully buy into this for it to work.”

I was being asked to say good bye to my daughter. I was assured it was, “for now,” and hopefully not forever. 609 more words


Confused Freshman Brings Live Pig to Darty

Earlier today, during the annual Pigtostal Darty, graciously held at the several swim houses off campus, one particular student stood out more so than the rest. 354 more words

Notre Dame

My tray overfloweth with silicone

I wanted to show a big mistake that I made in mold making. After making a nice box with legos I tape the entire box all around with packing tape to prevent leakage then tried to seal up cracks and crevices at the bottom of the tray with clay and tape. 197 more words

Doll Making

Soup... Invention or Creation?

“Soup soup a tasty soup soup a spicey
Carrot and corriander

Cruton cruton
Crunchy friends in a liquid broth
I am gespachio oh
I am a summer soup mm…

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The Toughest Job You'll Sometimes Love

I had a talk with my best friend on the phone the other day about her guilt over sleep training her infant son. She’s been unsuccessful at keeping him asleep for more than 2 hours for the past nine months. 1,211 more words